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Graeme Dunstan is a long time activist for peace, justice and a sustaining Earth.

For the past 20 years he has been on the road in Peacebus, his campaign vehicle, spearheading campaigns and providing backup for others.

It's a tradie's van fitted out with a bunk under which are crates of banners and flags for dressing public places with colour and getting messages noticed. On the roof racks are horn sound speakers for getting heard and bundles of bamboo poles for mounting flags. On the side a campaign a mural is mounted.

Recent actions include standing for peace at the gates of the massive air-force Avalon Air Show and once again helping to coordinate the annual Anzac Eve Peace Vigil in Canberra and Frontier Wars March on Anzac

You can read about the campaigns and adventures of Peacebus on Graeme's blog,

Creating cultural movement and giving substance to resistance is what Graeme has always done as an activist.

Being visible as an elder and setting a good example for new generations of activists is what Graeme and his Peacebus want to continue to do.

He also makes a good cup of tea for activists who need a sounding board.

Alas the present Peacebus, with 680,000 km on the clock, is worn out.

Help him replace it.

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