Keep kunanyi Wild - no cable car!

By Residents Opposing The Cable Car

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The fight for kunanyi continues!

kunanyi/Mt Wellington is the iconic, beautiful and much-loved backdrop to Hobart. There is no other city in Australia, and few in the world, with such a wild and relatively intact mountain close by. It is fundamental to our sense of place.

In allowing cable car proponents to bring chainsaws, drill rigs, scaffolding, water tanks, pipes and helicopters to the Mountain the government has overridden the Management Plan for Wellington Park. Drilling on kunanyi for pylons to 55m high, a massive Pinnacle commercial centre and a base station, and surveying for an access road that would be smashed through Threatened Silver Peppermint woodland, are the first steps to a cable car development.

This divisive proposal does not have a social licence. It is most certainly not 'eco-tourism'.

It is now more important than ever that our voices are heard.

What we are doing

As damage on kunanyi begins we need to step up our campaign to protect the Mountain from this intrusive and unwelcome development. Meetings, protests, rallies, lobbying and community events are in train.

With the pro-cable car government having a tenuous majority, a Wellington Park Management Plan that should absolutely preclude this proposal, the Hobart City Council barring use of Council land at McRobies Valley for a proposed access road and with massive community opposition to the planned desecration of the Mountain, this is far from a done deal!

You can join us

Please help us with a fighting fund for:

* banners, posters, brochures and stickers

* planning and professional advice and services

* legal challenges

* Hobart rally!

And to thank you for your support...

* 'NO CABLE CAR' bumper stickers

* 'NO CABLE CAR' posters for your front yard

* 'KEEP KUNANYI WILD!' t-shirts

* Ready to hang photographic prints of kunanyi at dawn 

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Residents Opposed to the Cable Car

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