Katie's Homeward Bound Journey #TeamHB4

By Katie Mahon

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Image credit: National Geographic

What's the big deal?

We can no longer escape the fact that humans are causing detrimental damage to this planet. News reports regularly feature natural disasters from all over the world, becoming more extreme and more frequent, we have seen the shocking IPCC report from international scientists about our global temperature rise, our polar ice-caps are disappearing at an alarming rate, we have wiped out 60% of all wildlife on the planet since the 1970's, and global sea levels are rising year on year as a direct result of climate change. We have created a global emergency.

How can I make an impact?

Homeward Bound is a ground-breaking, international initiative to foster scientific and strategic leadership for women. It's mission is to equip a 1000-strong global collaboration of women with a science, technology or engineering background to lead, influence and contribute to policy and decision-making to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. This 12-month leadership program culminates in a 3 week expedition to Antarctica in November 2019.

I am honoured to have been selected as one of 95 women from around the world taking part in Homeward Bound 2019 (#HB4), and one of only 2 participants based in Ireland.


Caring about the environment is not enough. Only by raising awareness with others on a local AND global level, by engaging and empowering others to act urgently, and by influencing high-level decision-making can we really effect substantial change.

Despite making up 45% of the global workforce, women are globally underrepresented in leadership positions. This is despite women comprising 57% of recent college graduates.

By providing this whole team with greater leadership and strategic skills, a sound understanding of the science behind climate change, and a strong purposefully developed network, we will enhance their ability to impact policy and decision-making for a sustainable future.

Join me on this journey

The total program value per person is $30,860. Approximately half of it is sponsored by the Dattner Grant Pty Ltd, partner of the program. Each participant must contribute fees of $17,000 (€15,000) to Homeward Bound to cover the 12 months of training & mentoring, plus the final trip to Antarctica.

More detail on the full breakdown of costs, as well as the extensive services & training provided over the year at 50% discount (or free of charge) can be found here.

This is where I need your help! I will be paying flights, insurance & equipment myself, but am looking for your support to try and raise the general programme fees of €15,000, and to plant a bunch of trees while I'm at it.

If you like the idea of the Homeward Bound project and believe that my participation will have a positive impact by inspiring others, please consider donating to my program fees. There are a number of perks you can select on the right hand side - or feel free to choose no perk & a custom donation if you prefer.

If you are not in a position to contribute financially, please also consider spreading the word about this campaign with friends, family & colleagues. Thank you for your support!

More info on my website http://craftivist.ie

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