Karlamilyi Walk

By Conservation Council WA

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"Come with us (Martu) we'll stop the uranium mining on our country. We'll walk through Karlamilyi, not far, across Karlamilyi River. Walk through Lullapakujarra up to Punumullara then to Puljcatja - big water up to Queen Desert Baths and then Kintyre."

The Parnngurr Community was set up in the 1980's during the homelands movement, as a protest camp against uranium exploration. The community here and other Martu communities are now faced with the renewed threat of uranium mining by Cameco and Mitsubishi. The community has called for a walk from their community to the proposed uranium mine through the stunning Karlamilyi National Park.

Funds raised will go to support Martu joining the walk from surrounding communities. Donations are tax deductible. You can find out more at www.walkingforcountry.com

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