Karina is Alone - Help Us Give Her A Family

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All New Donations Doubled!

We’ve just had news from a supporter who passionately wants to help us relocate Karina - the isolated elephant who’s been found by our team, and who urgently needs to be relocated to protected habitat.

Our supporter has pledged to match all donations to this urgent appeal - up to the value of $20,000 until midnight September 30th!

This means if you give $10 it will be doubled to $20 and that money will go straight into urgent efforts to safely relocate this traumatised elephant to safe habitat. It will also help us relocate two young elephant bulls, and fund ongoing patrols so this elephant-friendly habitat stays protected for the decades to come.

If you're not able to donate, or have already donated, please share widely with your social media contacts and encourage others to give!

Karina's story

Karina is an elephant close to our hearts. Her entire herd has now been killed, and she survives by hiding in overgrown farmland during the day, and feeding on crops during the night.

Karina is a Critically Endangered Sumatran elephant. There are less than 1,200 in existence.

We know she’s been a mother. We know she was once part of a vibrant, matriarchal herd. She’s now alone.

Our team has been closely monitoring Karina and is aware of the mental and emotional suffering she’s experiencing. Female elephants are never solitary animals, and she is terrified, displaying many behaviours that clearly show her anxiety… We're desperate to move Karina to safe habitat where there are fellow elephants and a chance to be part of a new herd.

With your help, we're going to give Karina a chance to find a new herd - and a new life.

Providing Karina with the chance to join a new herd will also contribute to overall conservation efforts to protect the Sumatran elephant.

Karina’s new home is Hutan Harapan, which translates to “Forest of Hope”. It’s a 98,555 ha area of secondary forest that was protected for conservation in 2010, with the help of BirdLife International, Burung Indonesia and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). There is enough suitable habitat for over 100 elephants in Harupan, but only one small herd remains, so it’s a perfect relocation site. A young bull in 2016 was the first successful relocation, Karina will be the second, and if we work together there’ll be many more to follow...

Saving Karina will help save her species.

As Karina already has a GPS collar fitted, the team will pin point when she is in a favourable position near a road; she will then be darted and moved to an awaiting truck using two trained elephants. Karina will be driven several hours to her new home, where she will be released as close as possible to the resident herd of elephants, finally being reunited with her own kind.

Join us in saving Karina

We urgently need AUD$60,000 to relocate Karina - this will also give us the ability to provide homes to other isolated elephants, who right now are surviving in other fragments of forest.

A relocation team consists of rangers, forest police officers, vets, darting experts and wildlife patrols with tame elephants.

Relocating a wild elephant like Karina is a complicated process that requires an extremely organised team of specialists. Our team is being led by international elephant conservation expert Dr Alexander Moßbrucker. This team knows what it's doing, having relocated a young bull to the same area in 2016, where he was readily accepted by the resident herd.

We'll be providing updates!

As the move occurs we'll be providing photos and video snippets of the move that will give Karina a family.

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