Kamadhenu Eatery Project

By Sri Selva Vinayakar Kovil


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A little bit of context

The Sri Selva Vinayakar Kovil (Ganesh Temple) is situated outside the Brisbane city and has served as a spiritual place for the Brisbane Hindu community over the last 25 years. The temple has recently been expanded in order to accommodate the dramatic increase in the number of devotees visiting the temple for their social and spiritual well-being. The cafeteria in the temple premises assists the temple to perform its duties to the community via the sale of vegetarian food items. Earnings from this cafeteria are used to support the temple in performing its role as a spiritual centre to the wider community.

But there’s a problem

However, the size of the current cafeteria is not sufficient enough, therefore we will have to expand the cafeteria in order to ensure it has the capacity to serve larger numbers of devotees.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The solution to this is to expand the cafeteria to include facilities such as exhaust fans, cooking pots, bigger spaces for storage so that it is able to operate efficiently and effectively in regards to serving devotees. With an expanded cafeteria, more devotees will enjoy the benefits of exceptional vegetarian food.

You can join us

You can be involved in this initiative, by supporting this cause via donations. Our target is to raise over $50,000 so that we are able to use these funds in order to commence the process to complete an industrial kitchen with the necessary equipment. The upgrades to equipment are as follows; enhanced exhaust system, larger cooking areas in order support increased demand, a proper cold room to store frozen items. This initial fundraising will be used as a deposit to commence the upgrade.

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Team Members

Aarunan Thambiayah

Jagatheesan Mahadevan

Nirmala Saravanan

Ratha Nithianandan

Shyama Nithi