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JWOC's annual end-of-year fundraiser is back for its 5th year, and this time we will Race4Youth!

In the past 4 years combined, we have raised an amazing $81,692.73 and this year we’re aiming to smash our annual best by raising $30,000!

Starting next year, we will be doing even more to give youth in Cambodia a better future (read more here). Our programs will not only help our students to overcome the financial barriers to accessing education, but build their literacy in English and ICT, give them valuable life skills, and support their future career aspirations - every $300 raised will help create the leaders of tomorrow.

If you haven't aready guessed, this year's theme is youth!

Between October and December, in Cambodia and internationally, we will be taking on a challenge from our youth (when we were between the ages of 15-30).

To reach our target, we need you to join us!

Wherever you may be, we can support you to take on a challenge and change lives here in Siem Reap. Get in touch with [email protected] to get started.

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