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"Let food be our medicine
nd medicine be our food."


Organic Food is Growing

Why are we more and more recognizing the need to eat healthy, delicious and earth-friendly food???

Because it feels better!!!! It looks better, tastes better and we KNOW instinctively that it's better for us too.

That's because there's a scientific LINK between the great taste of fruits and vegetables and how much NUTRIENT value they contain.... this is just nature's way of guiding us to want to eat what will make us strong.

NATURE!!! you are doing an awesome job... : )

Why does COSTCO make loans to organic farmers to help them grow more organic food? Because MILLIONS of people are getting that organic farming and organic food are vital to the health of ourselves and our families, our climate and our economy.

So how do we make sure we can get more good healthy organic food at prices we can afford??



They care about... YOU



OK... but how do we do that?

If you ask a hundred farmers: "What will it take for you to grow more food?" The answer is ALWAYS the same 2 words... BUY IT!!

BUYING IT... means setting up GENTLE DRYING CENTERS (GDCs) in every community where we want to grow more organic farmers, paying them $Millions per year to grow millions of pounds of gorgeous food... some of it for YOU and YOUR FAMILY to eat... some of it to sell all over the world as these yummy shelf friendly food crystals that can be shipped anywhere because there's almost no water...

BUYING IT... also means buying their IMPERFECT produce... food that looks funny but is still soooo good for us and tastes just as yummy... and because we puree our food first... guess what? you can't tell an ugly peach from a perfect peach when they are both pureed and mixed together!!! (yes... we're very sneaky that way...)

WE HAVE SCIENCE telling us what we can do to heal these issues AND ourselves...

WE HAVE MEDIA telling the inspiring story of HEALTHY SOIL as the way to heal our ecosystems of earth, air and oceans!

WHAT WE NEED NOW ARE ECONOMIC ENGINES to drive all this with added value delicious organic food that will stimulate a recirculation of money and food for farmers, eaters and communities... that can move all these urgent initiatives faster... NOW!

JustOne Organics® and our Gentle Drying Centers (GDCs) are these economic engines.

We are being told that we are the economic engines for the regenerative food movement... and after 15 years of work to get this movement ready for the world... we actually believe them : )

AND... (drum roll please) YOU are part of this engine too... you have the fuel for the engine in your body... your heart and your inspiration, your taste buds, the microbiome in your gut... all cheering you on to be part of the solution with us!

And so we invite you to help us catalyze an ACCELERATION of the organic movement by "seed" funding our JustOne Organics® campaign here!

Here's how it works.... you donate because you want to support this acceleration and we send you some food as a thank you for being part of the solution!

Please join us by enjoying your own batch of our Gentle Dried™ organic fruit & vegetable puree crystals!

Delicious organic convenience and reserves for your home base and beyond

JustOne Organics® Gentle Dried™ Whole Food Crystals can be re-hydrated into sauces and purees or added to vegetables, pasta, salads, stir fries, soups, smoothies and more!

Just One Organics® is a regenerative source of organic only whole food ingredients for pancakes, baking, toppings, garnishes, desserts, salsas, dressings, casseroles, omelettes… what else can YOU imagine?

And if you’re into food storage – you can build up a reserve of super nutritious and delicious food that will keep for years… and that you’ll actually look forward to eating. Gentle Drying™ preserves over 90% of a food's nutrition, flavor and color so our food can be stored for years in all its yummy glory without the use of preservatives or flavoring.

Last but not least, JustOne Organics® food is light and easy to store and ship, putting delicious versatility and nutrition a click away... That means we can ship Whole Food Crystals affordably anywhere in the world, especially where it’s most needed by those facing food scarcity. There's more than enough good food for all... let's make food an ambassador of good will to build a world we all want our kids to have!

Just Growth through JustOne

JustOne Organics® is offering families access to delicious, healthy and shelf friendly organic produce and a commitment to grow our business in service to healthy people, successful organic farmers, resilient food systems and solving agriculture-related issues such as climate change and world hunger.

JustOne Organics® will offer advance contracts to local farmers that will encourge them to grow an additional 3.6 million pounds of organic food per year in each community where we set up GDCs. This will empower organic growers to expand their farms, regenerate the health of their soil and create thriving local food systems for our people.

Support the Seed

We've begun producing commercial batches of 16 different fruits and vegetables at our pilot facility in Southern Oregon! WOOHOO!!!!! : )))))

So we can be sharing JustOne Organics® Whole Food Crystals with you now. Your 2 steps are simply to order your food crystals here, then email us to choose what foods you want, or we'll choose for you and make sure you have a wonderful variety to enjoy!

Use your food as toppings on your favorite snacks and desserts, pour it into smoothies, salad dressings, baked goods, sauces... let your imagination take you places you've never been before!

To continue growing our mission together we need your help to raise $38,000 as soon as possible for our next wave of foods. Your participation will cover the cost of renting the dryer, buying and pureeing more delicious organic fruit and vegetable crystals, and then packaging and distributing these to YOU!!

Your support through this campaign will allow us to expand production to include many more yummy organic fruits and vegetables.

And this will help us continue with a larger campaign to establish Gentle Drying Centers in Hawaii, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland and California to start!

: )) Let's demonstrate that eaters and farmers working together with nature can make a difference in our world!

See how much can grow from a seed?

You give us a seed,
we give you a food!

As you choose to become a JustOne Organics™ Seed Funder, you will be one of the first to receive our Whole Food Crystals, arriving on your doorstep in less than 90 days!









*Granny Smith Apple!









***(more coming soon : ))))

Our food thank you's will come to you in double bagged sealed 100g packages. Keep them sealed up tight!!! They are sooo dry (yep... twice as dry as freeze dried) that the moisture in the air where you live is trying to get back into that food... (nature abhors a vacuum, remember?)

$15 = 1-100g pkg of Whole Food Crystals + recipes as they come online

$25 = 2-200g pkgs of Whole Food Crystals + recipes as they come online

$100 = 9-100g variety packages of Whole Food Crystals + recipes as they come online. We're working on a recipe book for Christmas! And... if it's not fully finished by late November we'll have lots of recipes by then on our instagram account: Just1Organics : )

*** We also have 18 Founding Sponsorship spots left!

At $1,000+ per account, Founding Sponsors wishing to make a greater contribution to the JustOne Organics™ Seed Fund receive free food and special discounts monthly for the next 4 years – worth more than TWICE the value of the food - a great way to build a home food security program while supporting our organic farmers, building healthy bodies, healthy families, healthy local food systems, a healthy planet!

For more information on Founding Sponsorships and other ways you may be able to support this movement, email david@unifiedfieldcorporation.com


And please.... go find a farmer and thank them

(if they're farming poison free)...

for feeding us and for being environmental heroes of the 21st century!!!

: )

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