Justice For Captives SeaWorld Disruption - Angela's fine

By Angela

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Fined $783 for being a public nuisance

On Saturday 15 December, I joined a large team of Justice for Captives members (approximately 50 compassionate humans) and entered SeaWorld Gold Coast QLD to be a voice for the Dolphins, Seals, Polar Bears and other marine animals who are held captive for human entertainment and profit.

I was part of the last disruption of the day, at the 3.30 pm dolphin show. Renee and I were spotted in the audience before the show began and we were approached by 5 staff members of Seaworld. I remember having many hands on me trying to hold us where we were. I managed to hit "GO LIVE" from the Justice for Captives facebook page during this struggle. Somehow Renee broke free and in a split second I managed to wiggle out of the 3 people who were holding me and somehow made a run for it down the seating area towards the pool. Someone actually pushed me down the stairs/seating but fortunately I had already removed my shoes and I kept my balance and kept running. I managed to get to the water to join Renee, Angel, Nick and Bryan. We peacefully stood in the water to speak up for the dolphins being held against their will just to perform unnatural tricks for human entertainment.

At the end of the livestream you can see that a police officer was running into the water at me - this is where the feed cut off. Luckily we had other people filming to capture the rest. The police officer ran into the pool and grabbed me. I was forcibly removed out of the water. I was not asked to leave. After I was removed, they removed Angel. They then removed Renee in a very brutal and violent way. Nick and Brian were almost drowned and we were all taken to the Gold Coast police station where we were fined $783 for Public Nuisance. I would do it again! We managed to disrupt 3 SeaWorld shows in total. We made history and actually STOPPED the show! We were peaceful and held our hands up displaying the peace sign but were still booed by the crowd who yelled out horrible things to us.

I have never asked for assistance financially before

I have been an Animal Rights activist for over 5 years and have never asked for financial assistance from anyone. The only reason I am now asking is because I cannot afford to pay this fine myself. I have put myself into debt and spent all my money on activism in the past 4 months - flights for my attempt to re-enter Japan to be a voice for the dolphin in Taiji, QLD for the sunrise at SeaWorld event and flights etc to Mexico spending 2.5 months on campaign on the M/V Sharpie. I have then borrowed money to move to QLD. I will try to get a payment plan for this fine but many people have personally offered me assistance to pay this fine so I am sucking it up and asking for help for the first time ever! I would be so grateful for anything, no amount is too small.


I have been fighting against the captivity industry since my very first protest in August 2013, I went to Taiji as a Cove Guardian with Sea Shepherd at my own cost in February 2014 and then again in November and December of 2015. I attempted to enter Japan again in August of 2018 but was detained and interrogated for 5 hours, body searched, bag searched and thrown into a cell for a further 20 hours before being sent home. I even moved to Coffs Harbour in 2016 to protest weekly at Dolphin Marine Magic. I am involved in my animal rights actions. Captivity of Dolphins is what is closest to my heart because I have seen the atrocities that happen in Taiji, the dolphins who are slaughtered are the lucky ones! It is this reason that I will NEVER stop fighting for their freedom.

I will NEVER stop fighting for all BEINGS who cannot speak for themselves.

Please watch:

* The Cove

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* Cowspiracy

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