Just Good Food - the vegan cooking show for everyone

By Day Radley

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In the last few years we have seen a huge increase in veganism. More than 1% of the adult population is vegan but we are still massively underrepresented in mainstream media. Many vegans learnt why we should become vegan through free information on the internet. But we also learnt how to put it into practice through the same means.

The UK loves a good cooking show but there are no vegan cooking shows on TV. A vegan cooking show would give a mass audience a taste of vegan food. These are people who don’t look at blogs, who don’t watch youtube, who don’t have an instagram account. They are your parents, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles. We can reach these people and show them how easy and tasty vegan food can be. We want to invite them to try vegan.

We are a 3 woman strong team of foodie film professionals. We all have significant experience and knowledge of vegan food and filming. We know we can produce a kickass pilot that will showcase vegan food at its very best. We aim to get a series of this show commissioned on a mainstream channel.

We are raising £4000 so that we can make not just a pilot, but an AMAZING pilot.

This money will pay for all of the aspects that go into creating a professional pilot including - the hire of equipment, set building, an amazing camera person and DOP, ingredients and props, set hire and post production costs such as editing.

Join us to make this show a reality.

As a sign of our huge thanks for your support we have some fun foodie perks for you……….

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Team Members

Day Radley

Jennie Stephenson

Leonie Bleasdale

Tracey Mills