Journey of Awesomeness 2020

By WorldServe International

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2020 Journey of Awesomeness - 6 years!

The “Journey of Awesomeness” is a 2-day, 207-mile trek from Charlottesville to Yorktown, Virginia. We journey because it:

  • Is fun
  • Provides meaningful connection within the riders and our donor community
  • Pushes us, unites us for a common goal, gets us off the couch, and brings glory to our Amazing Creator
  • Generates $$ for a cool cause, all the while liberating us all a teeny bit more!

Why Water (and Why WorldServe)?

There are more than 800 million people living without access to clean drinking water in the world. Women and children spend an estimated 200 million hours daily collecting contaminated and unsafe water, leading to nearly 2,000 child deaths per day due to water-borne illnesses.

We're partnering with WorldServe for the third year in a row! Set apart by the sustainability of their sites, each clean water project by WorldServe International is carefully planned and drilled by their fleet of drilling rigs and support vehicles. Diligent research helps them locate people who are experiencing the most devastating water scarcity in Africa. WorldServe’s approach is focused on the “long haul” – aiming their attention toward fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Drill a large scale, deep borehole that will provide clean water for generations
  • Equip each site with solar technology to distrbute water sustainably
  • Prepare community leaders - especially women - to take ownership of the maintenance of each system

Where Do the Funds Go?

First and foremost, THANK YOU! Because of our donor community, we have helps tens of thousands of people with clean water.

  • 2018 - Funded 10 Solar Powered Well Projects (Zanzibar)
  • 2019 - Funded 12 Solar Powered Well Projects (Kenya)

Each well project reaches an average of 5,000 people with clean water. With water as the foundation, a community’s potential accelerates rapidly. Families, schools, medical clinics and community leadership excel!

We Want to Do More: Can You Help?

On June 20 & 21, 2020, for millions who travel dozens of miles both ways every day to find unclean water, we will ride 207 miles, raising awareness and money (our own money included!) to bring clean water to people in need. If you are moved to ride send an email to [email protected] to learn more.

In 2020, we have set a goal to raise $300,000 for continued work in Kenya. Here's a glimpse into the need in that country:

  • Additional Drilling Equipment to Expand Operations
  • Solar Powered Water Wells for 10 Sites in Rural Kenya, benefitting the Massai people

Please consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount that works for you! Your funds will be gratefully accepted and efficiently used!

WorldServe International, a US 501c3, will receive all donations, which are tax-deductible. To learn more about World Serve visit:

P.S. While this platform is set up to receive online donations, if you prefer to make your donation "offline" you can do so by sending a check directly to WorldServe. Be sure to let your favorite rider know you're sending a check made payable to WorldServe International.

  • Mailing Address: WorldServe International PO Box 3437, Springfield, MO 65808-3437
  • Include Memo on Check: "JOA - Rider Name"

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