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A little bit of context

Community Plus+ is a Brisbane based not for profit that creates welcoming and active spaces where people can meet their neighbours, access support, and work together to create positive change in their community.

What began as an organisation with a West End focus has now expanded to embrace Annerley, Yeronga and West End communities.

Many people in these communities rely on the services Community Plus provides and there is a growing need.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Each donation goes a long way to helping Community Plus to make a difference. Together, we can provide group classes, breakfasts, and much more to a community who is making a real difference to those around it. Jacobs are riding in the Great Brisbane Bike Ride to raise funds for those who need it most, all with your help.

Coffee anyone?

$3 provides tea and coffee to those who drop in seeking our services. This helps to make people feel welcome, to relax and connect.

Hot brekky

$10 buys a hot breakfast for the homeless and others in need. We provide hot breakfasts weekly.

Knitting circle

$10 buys wool and other craft materials for seniors to knit and create creative and useful products that are donated to local groups.

Art that helps

$15 buys materials for our Art Program - fresh canvases, paint, brushes, crayons, providing a way to express themselves and connect with others.

Food for all

$15 helps to keep our Food Pantry well stocked, providing basic food supplies helping those in sudden need.

Cultural connection through cooking

$20 buys ingredients for our Cultural Cooking program – allows those from multicultural backgrounds to foster better understanding.

Affordable transport

$25 pays for expertise to run a Safe Cycling Program that gives people confidence to this affordable form of transport.

Community garden

$30 helps buy plants and materials to construct garden beds for our Community Garden. Many find friendships and comfort in growing food.

Connecting to country

$40 helps pay for a trip to an important Indigenous ‚Äčarea for members of our Aboriginal community; helps a connection to culture.

Ready to drive

$50 buys expertise to run a Multicultural Women’s Driving project; getting a licence is a pathway to employment, freedom & independence.

Music that helps

$100 pays for an experienced musician to lead our West End music program, which is amazing for social and emotional wellbeing. Local band the Whoopee Do Crew are a great group, supported by this program.

You can join us

Jacobs have supported Community Plus for 10 years, and to celebrate this 10 year partnership we are aiming to raise $10,000 over the course of the year to help Community Plus continue to help those in need.

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