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We’re just you’re regular, run of the mill sort of people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Some of us at a tender young age!

First our reaction was shock, then a whirlpool of thoughts of future disability and the horror of being a social outcast – a bit like being a leper or having AIDs. Once we calmed down and decided we couldn’t just sit here and do nothing. We had to find out about the disease and DO something.

Initially we wanted to give us PD sufferers a voice and some publicity so we decided to put together a book of people with PD. An increasing number of people are being similarly diagnosed – even though you may not know it, someone in your family or group of friends knows someone with PD.

Once we started to talk to people about doing interviews and photoshoots, more people have come out of the woodwork, offering their help because of old grannie Edith who has the shakes or their friend George who like me has early onset PD.

So now we feel like it is all making sense. Because although there is some awareness of PD, so much still needs to be done to raise awareness on a broader scale and once we get awareness levels up then we can get government and public dollars for research. And one day we will tame this beast.

Our focus has become to create an innovative awareness campaign which utilises our marketing background tapping into both new social media and traditional print.

Our aim is to publish a book that gives a powerful voice to those suffering with PD.

We are working with a group of dedicated friends – see our website for their biographies – and we are also in collaboration with two wonderful allies the Shake It Up Foundation and Parkinson’s Australia – two pivotal groups in generating global awareness for PD.

There is a wealth of people with whom we have already made contact with who are eager to jump on board and get involved.

And Now this is where you come in and get on board to help this fight:


Symbolising our intentions to write large Parkinson’s Disease on the public psyche, we are publishing this beautiful book. The book will contain pictures and stories of people with Parkinson’s Disease; magnificent, atmospheric, breath-taking photos. Emotive, heart-rendering, honest stories.


In the spirit of a community action your pre-order will make the book possible. The funds will go towards photography, design and printing and you will be rewarded with a book, launch and having created greater awareness of the disease. We have started photographing people and they are now part of the Its Not Funny website.


As a reward for your generosity you will receive a personally autographed copy of the book. Either sent to you or you can pick it up at the book launch. We will notify you of when the date of the launch once this has been finalised.

If you would like to know more about what we are doing and see other people that we have photographed please visit our website and Facebook page:

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