Emergency Medical Aid and Support in Northeastern Syria, Rojava

By Rojava Support Network

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We are a team of international, volunteer doctors and frontline, emergency medical workers providing medical care and establishing and working within existing medical infrastructure in Northeastern Syria to those suffering under the Turkish and Turkish-backed, Islamic-extremist military forces.

Men, women, and children have been, and continue to be, killed everyday in Rojava (the majority Kurdish region of Northeastern Syria) since October 9th.

This constant death and destruction- and the now unfolding humanitarian crisis resulting from it- is the result of Turkey unilaterally and illegally invading areas of North and Northeastern Syria. Turkey has also unleashed tens of thousands of fundamentalist, Islamic extremist fighters pulled together from some of region's most dangerous terrorist organizations in Syria- trained, armed, and paid for by Turkey with it's plans for systematic ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish people from the areas of it's operations who were, until just last month, living peacefully for the first time in generations. This is now a humanitarian catastrophe that much of the world and it's leaders are simply ignoring. So far, over 200,000 people have been displaced- with thousands injured and many hundreds already dead. And this is just the beginning.

In response to the growing needs of those affected by this invasion, we will increase our efforts in the areas suffering the most. Our team consists of specialists in trauma/emergency hospital and pre-hospital, combat field-medicine, as well as experience in medical administration. One group is already on the ground and this fundraising campaign is to bring our second group back to Northeastern Syria with much-needed medical supplies, equipment, and services. We have varying experience and skillsets gained from having already worked in Rojava over the years. We are in connection with the health services committee of the self-administration and with Hevya Sor.
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