Afro-Irish International Dance Conference 2016

By International Christian Dance Fellowship

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Exchanging skills, passion and heart!!

In the international Christian dance world ICDF conferences have played an important part to inspire and up-skill through workshops, classes, presentations, discussions and creative worship. These conferences provide a ground for artists to meet from all over the world, to share their skills, their heart, to learn and to be equipped, encouraged and inspired. It's also an opportunity for CDF leaders to meet together, share their challenges, and make decisions. There are over 25 CDFs all around the world. The conferences are held every three to four years on different continents and in different countries, hosted by different CDFs, to reach many different people and cultures and to promote diversity. Check out history

This time it's going to be hosted by CDF Ghana with the co-operation of CDF Ireland!

ICDF is non-profit

ICDF is a non profit organization which means every event, international conference is financed from donations and from the fees the delegates pay. This time ICDF received a loan from donors to start the preparations for the conference and partners are constantly doing fundraising to meet the costs and reach the budget. So far only a little over half of the estimated number registered and it is a concern how the expenses are going to be paid for. Both teams in Ghana and Ireland are working with volunteers only who give their time and skills (and also many times their money) to make this great event happen but many things have to be paid for such as transportation, sound systems rentals and operators, advertising materials, teachers and speakers and so on.

Touching the Community

Not so long ago, it has only been a dream for Ghanaians to ever be able to attend an international conference. But they had hope and stepped out boldly to say 'Yes, we can!' and now it is the conference itself that is coming to them, to encourage, train and equip them and to make a difference in their communities through the artistic projects and leave a legacy which will have a lasting affect on many. The past 25 years it's been impossible for Ghanaians to get out of the country to come to such an event, with the exception of one or two, now whole communities will be touched by the hope, love and joy the artists will bring into their midst!

Partner with us

There are less than three months to go now, still much to cover and I am hoping this fundraiser will be able to contribute to the costs to balance out the budget. I would love if I could raise €1000 that we will like to spend on honouring the conference speakers and the many workshop teachers (who all travel at their own expenses) and also to pay for the sound systems that will be needed at each workshop venue, for transportation of the artists between the workshop and outreach venues. We will appreciate every penny to make this happen.

Will you join us in this endeavor to touch Africa?!

Arts for Body, Soul and Spirit

Arts have always taken a special place in every culture. Everyone has something to offer. So does Africa. Much to offer and much to learn.

Let the sounds of music and dance reach the ends of the earth!!

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