Interactive Chinese American Heritage Map -- iCAHM

By United Chinese Americans

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Chinese American Heritage Map ( iCAHM) is a signature project undertaken by United Chinese Americans ( UCA), a nationwide nonprofit and nonpartisian orgnationation dedicated to empower Chinese American communities through civic participation, youth development, and heritage sharing. iCAHM uses state of the art technology to record and display historical events, persons and landmarks that are significant to Chinese Americans. It will be not only an educational tool, but also a legacy for our children.

We would like to raise $20,000 before September 2018 to facilitate data collection in preparation of iCAHM presentation at 2018 Chinese American Convention in Washington D.C. Money raised will be used to hire interns and domain experts to evaluate all on-line entries, validate the fact and source, translate (some original materials are in Chinese) and edit before entries are accepted into the database.

Ignorance breeds prejudice and discrimination, education is empowerment. Looking forward to your support, together we are making history!

To contribute to iCAHM database, please visit UCA Website to submit your entry.

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