Innovation Labs in Refugee Camps - HBE & UNICEF

By Happy Brain Education

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The UNICEF Social Innovation Labs seek to empower and support young refugees. They offer to mentor and teach children aged 14-18 digital and entrepreneurial skills. Please help us raise the vital funds required to support them and unlock the potential of young refugees in Jordan. By the end of the programme, the participants should confidently state:

I can build something from nothing.
I can build my future.
I convert my dreams into reality.

Social Innovation Labs

The Innovation Labs support young people to become social innovators, focusing on the most disadvantaged young people. The programme combines social innovation workshops, with mentorship, materials and seed funding, equipping young people with the skills and resources they need to identify problems and challenges in their communities and create entrepreneurial solutions (in the form of products and services) to address them. The young people themselves benefit from building skills and resilience and the wider community benefits from the solutions that are created.

Please help us raise $200,000 to support the UNICEF Innovation Labs in Jordan.

  • $10 could provide 1 young refugee with a week’s worth of training in the social innovation curriculum
  • $30 could provide 3 young refugees with a week’s worth of training in the social innovation curriculum
  • $50 could provide 1 young refugee with the basic supplies they need to participate in the social innovation curriculum
  • $120 could provide basic materials for 1 young refugee to build innovation prototype
    $200 could provide coaching and mentoring for 1 young refugee to develop an innovative idea
    $1,200 could allow 10 young refugees to participate in the entire 12-week social innovation curriculum
  • $50,000 could cover the basic cost of running 2 social innovation labs for a year
  • $200,000 could cover the basic cost of running 8 social innovation labs for a year

We hope to raise between $50,000 and $200,000 by the end of 2018! Thank you for being part of this amazing project!

About Happy Brain Education

HBE is a team of young people who are very passionate about making the world a better place! We want to use innovation & technology to create a universal education system. We want to see a worldwide education system which is accessible to everyone; which helps everyone become happy & fulfilled; and which helps every child reach their potential & share their superpowers with the world.

We believe that the world will be a much better place if everyone has access to high quality education and opportunities which allow them to contribute to their communities.

We started initially as a group of university students fundraising for Hussein Saad's heart surgery (you can read more about this story on our website- We loved what we were doing, so we decided to launch a charity and continue!

Now, we work in both Melbourne and Sydney and have 6 programs which are trying to revolutionise the education system.

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Team Members

Naba Masad Alfayadh

Alisha Rawal

Anisah Ameer

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