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Change Lives!

Youth is a critical time to develop positive life-long habits. And no one needs this more than Indigenous youth. Our communities are in recovery. Colonization rocked the foundations that sustained us for thousands of years. Our kids face higher rates of depression, addiction, violence, and suicide. Too many of them feel isolated and afraid to reach out.

Make this a summer to remember!

IndigenEYEZ is an Aboriginal-run youth empowerment project based in BC. Our popular land-based camp is held each July in the Okanagan. Our camp gives youth a safe place to explore the world by using best practices that have been delivering results for decades. We support youth to build healthy relationships with themselves, with each other, and with their heritage.

To learn more about IndigenEYEZ, visit our website.

But many families can’t afford camp

People are under the misconception that First Nations get extra money. In fact, funding for child welfare on reserves is so low that it was ruled a human rights violation. Youth programs are similar. There is no steady funding. Instead of putting money into building healthy youth, we bear the costs of adults with addictions, chronic health conditions, and high incarceration rates.

Every dollar counts!

Your generosity today will change lives tomorrow! Youth who participate in our camp are more confident, more motivated to learn, and more likely to take on leadership roles in their communities.

It costs $650 to spend a week at camp. With $6,500, we can enrich the lives of 10 more youth. Our young people have tremendous potential. Let’s give them the tools they need to succeed! The benefits will reach across the generations and transform our communities. With your help, we can change lives—now and in the future!

If you are able to donate, your generosity will do wonders. As you can see below, every dollar counts and even donations less than $25 do add up!

A single day at camp cost $95:

Breakfast: $5.00

Morning Workshop: $12.00

Lunch: $10.00

Afternoon Workshop: $12.00

Dinner: $15.00

Evening Event: $20.00

Night in a TeePee: $15.00

Gifts over $25 receive a tax receipt

IndigenEYEZ BC is a project on Tides Canada's shared platform. Your tax receipt will be issued by Tides Canada Initiatives Society for donations to IndigenEYEZ BC. Complete address is required for tax receipt.

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