#IndependentsDay for Climate Change Action

By Margo Kingston

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Margo Kingston
Update from Margo

Thank you for believing in me. I’m so grateful you got me over the target, so scary asking for money for the first time. I’ll invest money raised over the target in extending the reach of our work at this #climatechange election.

Regards and heartfelt thanks,



Hi. I'm Margo Kingston and I'm asking for your help to put climate change front and centre in safe Coalition seats. Here's the mission statement for my project.

I'm going to Cowper to report on Rob Oakeshott's campaign to beat the Nationals. I met Rob a month ago and we discussed how I covered Kerryn Phelps' campaign for Wentworth, which the Fin Review reported had helped her get over the line.

As a retired Journalist, I'm not tied to one of the big machines. I want to lead Twitter coverage and support for the quality, climate change action independents in safe Coalition seats, especially in the regions and the bush, to bring volunteers in and ensure sitting MPs address the issue. I also want my citizens' journalism website No Fibs, to publish posts by the candidates and their volunteers to inspire others to join them and spread the word to voters.

Why safe Coalition seats? To help convince the Libs and the Nats to stop holding back Australia's transition to renewables and finally help Australia lead the world to save the planet.

How I will do this:

My experience in this area since retiring from political journalism began in 2013 when I mentored and published citizen journalists reporting the seats where they lived at the federal election. The highlight - comprehensive No Fibs and Twitter coverage of Indi - unnoticed in the mainstream media - which saw Cathy McGowan beat Sophie Mirabella. Cathy thanked me in person on election night, saying my Twitter cover, the establishment of the hashtag #IndiVotes and No Fibs reporting helped her win.

What will the money be used for:

To pay the expenses and small recompense for full-time volunteer reporters, editors, website managers and Tweeps (and me) for #IndependentsDay seat campaigns during the election. To help out citizen journos with expenses and for paid promotions on social media to elevate the reach of our content.

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