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We're not one to go down without a fight- and we feel that mentality is also personified in the Perth psyche.

So we are doing what we can during this time the best way we can. Our new iso friendly ventures are here to enrich your lives and will really help support us at the same time.

A little bit of context

Overwhelmed with the offers of support and love shown to us throughout this time, we, The Hummus Club, are now on a mission to give back and support you in the best way we know how during this time that we are all in iso!

It's been tough for everyone in the community- from the healthcare workers at our front-line, to the businesses that were forced to close and all the 1000's of individuals that lost their jobs and sense of normality overnight. We've all been affected. 

For us, as a community driven business, it was devastating to watch as our packed dining room be replaced with confusion and anxiety as people came to terms with the new normal. And to see our THC family have to say goodbye for now- it was and continues to be truly heartbreaking for us. No longer were we able to provide the experience and tell our story in the way we had before.

Over a matter of days, our business came to an abrupt stop and we could no longer operate from the space we all called home. As you can imagine, we have lost a hell of a lot during this time- cash flow, our livelihoods and a place for us all to be together with you.

THC is truly a unique venue filled with amazing souls – and we hope you have seen that when you have walked through our doors or seen us on social.

And now we are asking for your help- our awesome, heartfelt followers, to all that love our work and what we do- to get us back on our feet, create a new journey and return stronger than ever.


The Hummus Club started up with a crowd funding campaign to connect our story to the Perth community- and now we are back at it again to raise funds for us to operate again.

The funds raised will go to?

- To pay our suppliers, designers and bills since closing.

- It will also go to our team- to keep them in employment- by running this campaign and providing them with opportunity an work to make and distribute the newest merch, spices and masterclasses we have created. 

- And to revive our business, so that, when we can come back, we can come right back stronger than ever. 

So purchase a perk and know that you are helping our business and our team in return.

Join us

We exist because we were so passionate about bringing to Perth everything we loved about the Mid East- the new, creative, innovative side that often was overlooked or misrepresented. Bridging a gap between cultures, igniting a spark of acceptance between two distant but not dissimilar cultures.  Sharing cultures, food, drink and stories. A sense of oneness. 

And never has this been more important in the world then now. 

Like everywhere around the world, Perth has taken a hit with the current world conditions. 

But unlike anywhere else, Perth has its own unique care-giving spirit of community to connect and help each other.

Perth will get through this if we all are there to support each other.

And now we are asking for your support.

It's a serious situation and more so then ever it has become apparent that we all need to stand united and support each other using our own unique abilities and skills. 

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Yes, you are purchasing products/ services- but the good thing with crowdfunding is that every perk you purchase – will also help us. It's a win win- you get something, and in turn you give something. Passing it forward. 

Check out the awesome perks we have to the side. All purposely made so you can enjoy in iso:)

We truly appreciate your support. 

Much love, peace and health.


Thank you to all our supporters. 

Shout out to the following peeps that helped us with the campaign.....

Perth Life

Karim Jabbari


Pogo Design

Mighty Branding Co.

Marcelo Productions

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