In Memory of Frank Douglas III

By Karina Carias

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A Life Gone Too Soon

It is with heavy hearts that we call on our families, friends, co-workers and community to help support the Douglas family. On February 15th Frank was tragically and senselessly murdered as he was preparing to leave for work. At the young age of 25 Frank leaves behind a 4 year old daughter.

Frank brought much joy and love to all he knew. He was a passionate father, motivated individual and was determined to succeed in life. He was a hard worker who at a young age had achieved much success and knowledge at work. He was one of the youngest advanced technicians working in the refinery. Although he was at the top of his career, Frank was always willing to help his fellow co-workers and train those who were just starting. He was a kind hearted individual who definitely brought a huge smile with him no matter where he went.

Despite spending most of his time at work, Frank dedicated his life to raising his beautiful daughter Jaileen. There was nothing he wouldn't do for her and he made sure she would never be without. The grief of losing her father will last a lifetime but we can help provide her and his family with some stability and security to help raise her by donating.

The death of Frank is emotionally devastating to his family, let's help relieve some of the stress and pain by helping the family with a financial support to help cover funeral expenses and help Franks mother give Jaileen the life Frank would've provided for her. We ask that you donate what is within your means. Every last cent will count, and will go directly towards all expenses and helping his daughter. Whether you wish to do so anonymously or with a personal message of support the family will greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

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