Ice Cream Factory for Nigerian Women - Refugees from Boko Haram

By Humanist Global Charity

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Our ice cream factory will produce 43 liters of ice-cream a day. Profit $270 a month.  Flavors vanilla, strawberry, and banana.

It will be staffed by 4 refugees from Al-Amin IDP camp - people who have been displaced by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

The refugees are:

  • Amina Mustafa, age 41, 6 children
  • Sitiya Atiku, age 50, 8 children
  • Rimannam Ali, age 35, 3 children
  • Fanna Bulama, age 28, 4 children

Profits will buy tarps for the refugees, to keep them dry and warm. We need 40 tarps 

Please donate to help us with this worthy cause.

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Team Members

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