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Ras Judah was brutally tasered in the face by the police. Millions saw exactly what happened but he is still seeking justice.

With your help, our film I AM JUDAH will provide an intimate portrait of the life of the man behind the headline to ensure that his story can never be ignored or forgotten.

Ras Judah's Story

If it wasn’t for Ras Judah Adunbi’s neighbour, Tom Cherry, we might never have known what really happened. Tom was there to record the incident on his phone in January 2017 as Ras Judah was brutally tasered in the face by the police as he was returning home while out walking his dog.

Millions watched the phone footage on mainstream news reports and over social media causing international outrage.

Ras Judah is a beloved and highly-respected elder in his community in Bristol. The whole community remains shocked and unsettled by how he was treated. Two years have now passed but no police officer has been found guilty of misconduct. Ras Judah is still seeking justice...

A twist to the story is that this was not the first or the last time that Ras Judah has been a victim of police harassment and violence and so-called 'mistaken identity'. He was tasered while standing up for his legal right to not give his name when stopped.

Ras Judah is determined to speak the uncensored truth of what has happened to him, not only for himself but for all the other victims of these types of injustices.

The full story must be told…

I AM JUDAH - The Story So Far...

We had all been deeply disturbed by the taser attack. The project began in September 2018 when our core team, film director Bashart Malik, poet and activist Lawrence Hoo and producer Zaheer Mamon, came together to make an independent film to strengthen Ras Judah’s fight for justice. The team were dismayed that almost two years on from the taser attack, no other local film-maker had yet attempted to work with Ras Judah to tell his story.

Lawrence had been actively involved in the Justice4Judah campaign from the start. Bashart had already worked with Ras Judah on a music video and was committed to using cinematic story-telling and his film industry network to support the campaign. Zaheer had already connected with Ras Judah to complete the research needed to plan the film.

Ras Judah had been interviewed several times on mainstream television but none of this coverage had told the full story or had given the public an intimate insight into who he really is. Deciding against a standard interview-style documentary, we were lucky that Bashart was able to approach film industry contacts, who believed in the cause. They literally provided us with enough camera kit to shoot the next instalment of Mission Impossible! This meant that we could create a unique film, using Bashart's cinematic art and Lawrence's acclaimed poetry to do justice to Ras Judah's honest and uncompromising story-telling.

Our promise to Ras Judah was that the truth would never be watered down in this film. This meant that we had to refuse offers from mainstream broadcasters because even though financially we would be in a better place to complete the film, it would mean sacrificing our editorial control.

We were fortunate to source a seed budget to film three days on location in Bristol in November 2018. The initial budget we had in place is used up but we want to continue the process and complete the best film possible. Everything is in place to make ‘I Am Judah’ a powerful and cutting edge documentary using both drama and facts as a weapon for justice. We need your help to make it happen.

What We Will Do

The funds will be used funds to complete filming on location and in the studio, to support the film’s post-production and put together an initial screening programme in key community venues across the UK.

Budget: Filming & Lighting Equipment Hire (£3000), Studio hire (£500), Location Fees (£500), Crew costs & volunteer expenses (£5050), Shoot Expenses (£500), Catering costs (£500), Post-Production Editing & Colour Grading (£8250), Sound Design & Mastering (£2,800), Promotional Costs & Community Outreach Screening Programme (£900)

Total = £22,000

I AM JUDAH is more than a film, it is a community project that continues to unite artists, creative professionals, activists and community members from all walks of life. This crowdfunder opens the doorway for I AM JUDAH to be truly owned by the wider community as all of us stand together with Ras Judah. The end goal is to ensure that as many people as possible can watch this film so that we can all learn from what Ras Judah has experienced.

Note for companies/businesses: If you represent a company interested in supporting this project and becoming an official I AM JUDAH sponsor please get in touch with the team via e-mail: iamjudahfilm@gmail.com.

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I Am Judah Film Project

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