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This campaign is dedicated to offering assistance to individuals and families all over the world afflicted by difficult tribulation or life-changing events caused by all forms or types of oppression.

We now live in a world without barriers yet many people are still suppressed and oppressed. Governments do little to protect the lives and human rights of its citizens, and without any strength or leverage, many are left with no other option but to succumb to a miserable state of inhumane conditions.

The system of human equality is currently broken, yet we have the power, collectively, to try to fix it. With social innovations, and harnessing the power of the internet and social media, we plan to provide assistance and solutions for the thousands of voiceless victims worldwide. By making significant positive changes in their lives, we who are in a position of strenght can elevate the fight for their rights. Never underestimate the power of positive change by the masses, because together, we can make a difference.

We believe that it is our inherent right and obligation to fight for and defend the helpless regardless of gender, religion, nationality or race. With the Help The Oppressed Foundation, we are working tirelessly to identify individuals, families, and groups that we can help thru financial assistance, legal assistance, medical, emergency assistance and so much more.

Help the oppressed is still a very young foundation with very limited resources and so in choosing its beneficiaries, the people involved in creating this project are moved to help others who are close to home- we are individuals and families who have grown knowing that oppression in any form is WRONG and must not be practiced especially by religious or God-fearing people who use the name of religion to make its members follow unChristian behavior such as not caring for widows, orphans and the fatherless. So, we choose people who are homeless due to religious persecution, especially in third world countries where power and influence is easily abused. We help people who are persecuted and prosecuted (jailed or detained without due process of the law), and those who have absolutely no means to fend for and defend themselves, especially for standing up against religious and political bullying practices.

We also extend our assistance to those who are persecuted because they raise their voice to expose these kinds of oppressive acts and help those who are maltreated and whose human rights are violated by providing them food, water, shelter and daily necessities. From this specific short list, Help the Oppressed Foundation will expand its reach and with your valuable donation we will be able to serve many more people worldwide.

You can help by donating thru this campaign or thru the foundation directly at www.helptheoppressed.com. The funds we raise go directly to the beneficiaries who are in need of financial assistance for daily living, legal services, medical and dental services, shelters for displaced families, and other basic and emergency needs. We also partner with other foundations or organizations that advocate the same purpose as ours.

We are also currently working with other companies as sponsors to be able to provide humble tokens of appreciation to our donors.

Thank you so much and we look forward to having you on board as we continue to help others.

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