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Please watch our video above!

June 19 update: Our first round of posters are up now and many more are to come on June 27! Posters are up in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Apologies to other cities, we didn't make it everywhere yet: we are now trying to fund for round two and are hoping to take it to Darwin, Perth and regional areas also! Many thanks for all your support.

June 9 update: Our exhibition was launched in Melbourne on Thursday May 19 and it was very successful. We are hoping to now take it to Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney. If you have a gallery and would like to host this exhibition in your city, please get in touch!

March 2nd update: Thank you for supporting our mission - your generosity inspires us to do more! As you know, the original plan was to raise part of our final target of $150k through crowdfunding, and the other part from corporate and philanthropic donors. The crowdfunding has been so successful, that we've decided to keep it open. We've increased our target and extended our deadline, and would still be very grateful for any contribution, large or small, that you can spare.

We can definitely get our posters seen with what we've raised so far. However, in order to show the campaign in more cities and also in regional areas, we need to try to reach our overall target of $150K. We are more than halfway there, but we still need your donations to help our campaign reach further!

Thank you all so much.

We need your help to buy advertising space for our campaign so the posters can be placed in bus shelters and train stations all over the country.

Help us to get these posters seen by as many people as possible!

What are we doing?

The poster campaign is a powerful way of showing that asylum seekers are people with courage and humanity, and that they can contribute greatly to Australian society.

We are trying to raise enough money for the posters to be rolled out nationally through bus, tram and train stations and displayed for two/three weeks, at up to 400 locations nationwide.

We will also launch them through social media and an interactive website, with the ability for people to send in their own photos and videos and tell their own stories.

Why are we doing it?

We feel there is a need in Australia to shed some positive light on asylum seekers who come by boat and to highlight the social, economic and cultural diversity they bring to the country.

Through the poster campaign, we will hope to emphasize the importance of accepting them and welcoming them into the Australian community.

How are we doing it?

We got together an amazing crew who are donating their time to create the posters.

We have photographed a few extraordinary people from different occupations and backgrounds, and we recorded their remarkable stories. You can see some of the images here.

Then we partnered with I Am a Boat Person, a charity committed to raising awareness of and solidarity with asylum seekers and their communities. They have been a great support with the administrative side of things, and they also are the reason why your contributions are tax deductible!

Who are we?

We are a bunch of creatives from the advertising industry who wanted to try to help asylum seekers using our unique skills and connections.

Our coordinator who initiated the campaign is a successful international makeup artist who was a refugee herself - from former Yugoslavia.

‘I know what it’s like to run for your life with nothing but the clothes you are wearing, and to have to start again. I am grateful for the treatment I received; it was immensely helpful in rebuilding my life. I was able to create a successful career as a makeup artist, in Australia and overseas. I would like to see that sort of opportunity given to all asylum seekers, no matter how they get here.’

Campaign Coordinator: Blanka Dudas

Photographer: Lucas Allen

Producer: Alexandra Allen

Art Director: Simone Elder

Studio and equipment by Doug MacGregor at Daylight Studios.

What do we want from you?

Two things:

1. Advertising isn't cheap. The more money we can raise, the more impact we can have. Everything we raise will go towards buying advertising space so the posters can be put up all over the country. We will need $150 000; we are hoping to raise a part of it via crowd funding and are applying for grants and some corporate funding also. As we are working as a part of a charity, donations are tax-deductible.

2. Did you come to Australia by boat? Would you like to be a part of our campaign? We’d love to hear from you! We'd love to share your story, in posters and/or on the web. Please contact us if you would like to participate.

We are planning to launch the posters in June 2016.

You can follow our progress on

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/icamebyboat/
Twitter @icamebyboataus

Instagram @icamebyboat

Please support our project; and if you are unable to contribute financially, please help by sharing this link on social media.

Thank you

January 9 2016

We are thrilled to have exceeded our initial target!

Thank you to all who have donated and have spread the word. With $60k, we can definitely get these posters seen!

Your support has given us confidence to try and reach half of our final target through crowdfunding, so we are increasing our target to $75k. The more we raise, the more posters we can pay for.

We have almost three weeks of the campaign left.

We've had amazing feedback and great media coverage in Australia and overseas. You can see all the links to press coverage on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/icamebyboat/

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