"I Am Australian"

By Project 1Million

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"I am Australian” is a campaign that celebrates the beauty in our diversity, and proves that it is our common human spirit that truly unites us. In a time of great social unrest in the world, our four powerful human stories will help to inspire the hearts and minds of the wider community. Now is a time for greater kindness, understanding, and compassion towards Australians of all races, religions and cultures - and we aim to share this message across the country to 1 million online viewers.


What is this about…

100% of your donation will go to buying more video viewers. Make sure our message of inclusiveness is heard by those who need to hear it.

Project 1Million is a social media campaign that uses the power of video storytelling, to reconnect hearts and minds to Australians of all races, religions, and cultures, and celebrates the beauty in our diversity.  

With our participating charity partners Amnesty International, The Long Walk, Children’s Ground and All Together Now,  we together aim to shine a light on the stories of  everyday people, by unveiling the common human connections and stories that unite us all.

Our simple aim is to reach 1 Million viewers of our campaign, using paid social media placements on Facebook, YouTube, and online advertising tools, to promote these four stories Australia wide. 100% of your donation will make a difference by making sure our message is heard by those who need to hear it. Hep us cut through the echo chamber!

Why is this important…

With an undercurrent of racial intolerance growing in some aspects of the Australian community, there is a need to combat rising prejudice, which often presents as racism or cultural intolerance. This divisive issue in the community is often compounded by negative media highlighting racial, migration and religious tensions, further legitimised by political rhetoric and policies that often reaffirm those biases.

At-risk communities in Australia that can be adversely affected by cultural exclusion include refugees and asylum seekers, religious minorities, cultural and other diaspora, and Indigenous Australians.

Project 1Million will shine a light on four powerful human stories that show the faces of a culturally diverse Australia. These stories will help us all aspire and contribute to a society of greater cultural acceptance and understanding.


How you can help..

100% of your donation will go to buying more video viewers.

The advertising campaign for “I Am Australian” is aiming to raise $5000 to purchase the online advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and online video advertising across the internet, will help get these stories in front of Australians to help reach our 1 Million video viewers goal.

Your contributions all help get us closer to our goal to create a positive difference in our community, while also helping to increase the number of people viewing, sharing, liking and donating to help spread the message even further.

Every little bit will all help us get to our goal of 1 million views, for example:

$5 = Buys 75 Video Viewers

$25 = Buys 250 Video Viewers

$50 = Buys 1000 Video Viewers

$100 = Buys 2500 Video Viewers

$5000 = Buys 100,000 Viewers



Who Are We...

The Project 1Million platform is powered by C31 Melbourne (Channel 31), a not-for-profit community television broadcaster that has provided access and representation on free-to-air television for over 23 years to communities and cultures not represented on mainstream Australian television.


C31 Melbourne provides a vital platform for diverse communities including: multicultural communities, Indigenous Australians, people with disability, LGBTQI, local sports, arts, festivals and community groups C31 is also a vital training ground for the film, television and online content industries in Australia, where many students, disadvantaged youth and people from diverse backgrounds gain experience and make connections on their way to professional employment.


Project 1Million is a division of C31, and is an extension of our decades of hard work in community-focused storytelling, adapted for online and social media platforms.


*Please Note: we may share the contact details provided as part of this Crowdfunding campaign with our charity partners, so they can update you on their campaigns and activities.

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