Hummingbird Mental Health Appeal: Coronavirus and Young Refugees

By Hummingbird Project

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The Hummingbird Project

Founded in 2015 as a grassroots community group working in the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, France. 

We are a Brighton based registered charity, providing award winning services for young refugees in Sussex. 

We are youth-led, which means all our services are developed and informed by listening & responding to the needs of young people. 

Shoulder to shoulder with the young people we support, and our community, we are pushing for a fairer world, by campaigning for the rights and protection of young refugees.

The Crisis: Coronavirus and the mental health of young refugees 

The consequences of coronavirus are taking a huge toll on the mental health of young refugees in the UK. 

Responding to this is our top our priority and you can help.

Young people who engage in our services often have pre-existing mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This is not at all surprising when we know that many young refugees have experienced torture, conflict, bereavement, abuse and exploitation. 

At such young age, we are seeing them dealing with overwhelming feelings of loss, separation or guilt. We hear them as they talk to us about feeling lonely and isolated. 

All health, social care and mental health services are under pressure like never before. Charities, including ours, are also running on reduced capacity and funding.

The important measures to prevent the spread of the virus are directly impacting the support available to young refugees. 

Alongside this, the ill treatment of young refugees by the UK Home Office is one of the biggest issues we hear about when we are working with young people and this particularly impacts their mental health. 

Often it can take years to get an asylum outcome and young people are told that their life stories are lies.

Young refugees who arrive here alone often don’t have support networks in place such as friends and family.

Self-harm and suicide pose a huge risk, especially if they are not receiving holistic support.

With your help, we know we can do more. Help us reach more people going through this and let's work together to make sure no one is left dealing with this alone.

How you can help

With your help, we want to expand our work with young people and increase the reach of our Be Well Be Heard Service. 

We want to offer more specialist support through 1:1 sessions, and in groups.

This really will make a huge difference to the lives of young people who truly deserve more.

A helping hand

We are looking to raise 50% of the £13,000 needed to increase the capacity for the Be Well Be Heard Service through crowdfunding.

£25 will pay for a support voucher for a young person in crisis

£50 pays for food and activities for a session

£650 pays for our wellbeing group for a month

Thank you for believing in our work and for whatever you can do to support young refugees.

Love always, Elaine xx

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