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A little bit of context

Humanity Australia is a new not-for-profit that offers support and social services to new Australians - migrants and refugees, who have been welcomed into the community but are struggling to find their feet. We help them get started.

This is not welfare, this is neighbours and communities helping people with short-term needs so that they can become productive contributors in the wider Australian community.

But there’s a problem

Everybody needs a little help to get started. These are wonderful people who want to work and take care of their families as they settle into a new life here is our lucky country. Many families fall through the cracks. They aren't looking for a handout, but they are struggling without help.

We have all been there - needing to find work, needing a stable home or money to pay the rent, mums going without to get the kids fed and sorted for school. Many of us have leaned on family and friends during hard times. But for these good people, the family and friends who might have helped are half a world away.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We assist with job searches and CV writing, social work appointments, food parcels, emergency housing, English language classes and more. We have already provided travel cards and school supplies to children in need, and helped connect people with work opportunities, provided vouchers to purchase school uniforms and work gear.

Our Directors and volunteers work for free to run the business and provide the services. We have received donations of food and household goods that get passed on to our clients, but sometimes just a little cash is what is needed.

You can join us

Your spare change will make a huge difference. We hope to raise $5000 to get us started. Every dollar goes to assisting our clients, and your contribution is as valuable as the time our volunteers put in.

Thank you for being a good neighbour.

And here’s the extra benefit

In adition to helping people directly, your donation gives the Directors a chance to work on bringing Humanity Australia into future charitable status, which means donations will soon be tax deductible.

Best of all you become part of a team that works together to lift the burden from the shoulders of struggling families. Families that otherwise go under the radar in regards to Government Support Services.

Every dollar is put to good use. Thank you for your generosity.

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