Fund this newspaper ad to get HSBC bank to dump all new coal!

By Market Forces (Friends of the Earth)

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We need to hold HSBC accountable for keeping the door open to funding dirty coal in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam.

It’s completely unfair to ban new coal everywhere but three developing countries. These countries - and our planet - deserve better than the polluted air and water coal brings. 

With HSBC’s annual general meeting (AGM) just weeks away, it’s the perfect time to put pressure on HSBC and convince the bank to close their policy loopholes and stop funding all new coal. We plan to be there, and we want to deliver a powerful message to HSBC!

The ad

We’ve booked a full page ad in the Financial Times, the London based newspaper read religiously by HSBC executives. The ad is booked for 12 April, the day of HSBC’s AGM.

Full page newspaper ads are expensive and as a small not-for-profit we need help to cover the cost if we’re going to get this ad in the paper and in front of HSBC. With the AGM just weeks away we’re tight on time. Can you help by chipping in?
Cheap and clean renewable energy is revolutionising how people access power, and presents one of our most important weapons to fight the climate crisis. Climate change poses an existential threat to the earth's natural environments and the people and economies who depend on them.

New coal power plants would send us backwards, right when we need to be transitioning to clean, renewable energy. 

Closing the loopholes in their energy policy and ruling out funding all new coal would make HSBC a true climate leader. This is our chance to convince them. Please chip in and help us get this full page ad in front of HSBC on the bank’s most important day of the year. Together we can convince HSBC to protect our environment by dumping all new coal!

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