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Update (8.21.19):
We Got New Windows!

Thanks to all y'all's generous donations we were able to get 3 new windows for the center via Roanoke Glass Incorporated!!??

What's The Hope Center?

The Hope Center is one of, if not the only, independent community centers run by and for the people in Roanoke, VA. It was started by a local family (3 people) in 2015 to offer activities, programs, and a general space for kids and adults in NW Roanoke. This family is moving, so a number of community members and groups are coming together, stepping up and taking it over collectively!

Being independent requires group efforts

One of the great and unique things about The Hope Center is that it's independent, completely run by and for the people, and as such is accountable to the community. It isn't controlled by capitalist institutions or their political parties, and doesn't get any grant money (so it isn't tied up in red tape and unnecessary limitations). Because of this The Hope Center depends solely on the collective efforts of and funding from the community.

There are some repairs needed (3 of the 4 front windows need to be replaced, which may cost around $1,000), as well as the regular costs of running and maintaining it (rent, bills, supplies, insurance, which are around $700/mo at minimum).

Reorganizing and offering new programs

We have formed a "board" (of community members who are offering programs there and/or committed to this effort) responsible for running it, which will have public monthly meetings. We are in the process of cleaning/fixing it up, and finding folks to offer new programs. Some of the things that will be offered as of now are:
* Beaded & Balanced Workshops (cultural crafts for kids 7-17)
* Improv Workshops (theatre & comedy improvisation)
* Jokes (stand-up comedy open mic nights)
* Life & Work Skills (job prep, budgeting, stress relief)
* Man Heal Thy Self (cultural healing)
* Movie Night
* Peoples' Geek Squad (free tech support)
* Peoples' Mentoring (free mentoring in all basic subjects)
* Peoples' Servings (free food + class-conscious literature)
* Relationships And You (Black female support group)
* Revolutionary Study Group (discussing revolutionary texts)
* Roanoke Jail Solidarity Meetings (organizing against jail injustice)
* Roanoke Peoples' Power Network Meetings (organizing to build working-class power)
* Self Determination Group (a space for adults to be empowered together)
* The Peoples' Closet (free clothes + home items)

If you are interested in sharing a skill, offering a class or program, hosting a regular event or meeting, contact our Program Coordinator:

You can join us

We are looking to raise around $3,000 for now to pay for the necessary repairs and renovations, as well as regular maintenance.

The community needs a space of our own for workers to organize, connect with and educate each other in; a space to serve the people. Will you be a part of helping make this a reality in Roanoke by giving a one-time donation or even a monthly commitment?

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