Hope Re-Entry Project

By Hope Housing Development Corp

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With 1.1 million of our citizens held in prison and 2 million in our county jails the US still leads the world in incarcerating its citizens. As we seek to decarcerate our country, the infrastructure required to support those returning and the reinvestment required in the communities most decimated by the system of mass incarceration is vast and multifaceted.

New programs and places will be required to support this shift including housing, workforce development, educational, trauma-informed social services and other wrap-around resources that all require place-based solutions to function well.

Within this context, California has experienced unprecedented policy changes such as AB109, Proposition 47 and early release efforts by county level departments, such as the Alameda County Department of Probation, are bringing many men and women home. However, rapid gentrification in Oakland means returning citizens are in a difficult position as they seek to overcome many barriers to a successful re-entry, with well-run and carefully designed temporary and permanent supportive housing being a key to success.

The Hope Re-Entry Campus will be located in East Oakland. The project seeks to provide a supportive, pro-social programmatic and aesthetic environment for men re-entering their community from prison or jail. The project comprises the adaptive reuse of an old charter school building and community center to provide 1) amenities and living space for 44 residents, 2) social service and education space for residents and up to 100 non-resident clients at any given time, and 3) spaces for social enterprise and workforce development.

We believe providing this kind of environment will give the participants their best possible chance for a successful re-entry into community.

You can join us

We are seeking seed-funding for this project, which will be supported by several diverse funding streams, including grants, loans, and large gifts. Because the heart of this project is community-oriented, we welcome and encourage community investment through individual donations of every size. 

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Team Members

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