Hong Kong Rugby League take on the World

By Hong Kong Rugby League Limited

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2018 Emerging Nations World Cup

In October 2018, HKRL will be battling it out for the title of World Champions in Sydney the Emerging Nations World Cup. Our squad of brave warriors will be travelling to Sydney for the two-week competition.

But there’s just one thing...

The logistics of entering a tournament like this are very costly. The players heading to Sydney are not only sacrificing time and income from their day jobs, but also funding the entire trip themselves. Hong Kong Rugby League - whilst epic! - is still relatively young and does not have the considerable funds available to support the squad as they represent Hong Kong on the world stage.

We are an organisation run by volunteers that relies on the goodwill and financial support of individuals to help us grow and develop the culture of rugby league in Hong Kong. We've come so far already, from running first-class international 9s tournaments, to hosting Japan during the East Asia Cup, not to mention launching the Women's game in Hong Kong.

Help us to continue the story

By supporting this fundraising mission you are helping Rugby League in Hong Kong to survive, grow further and ultimately flourish. Your support gives the National squad the best chance of success on the world stage, putting Rugby League on the map in Hong Kong.

Are you a passionate Hong Konger who loves rugby in all its forms?

Do you want to support your local team and see your squad succeed?

Are you an expat living in Hong Kong who wants to see the sport thrive?

Or, are you simply a leaguey from anywhere in the world who wants to watch or play a major Rugby League match in the fantastic country that is Hong Kong?

Whatever your motivation, please, donate, share and support our cause!

Do you have what it takes to be an Immortal?

The funds raised will be used to help towards the costs of going in to battle in Sydney, and include things like flights, accomodation, playing kit, medical supplies, insurance and travel. Our total target is HK$130,000 (around US$16,500) which only covers around half of our overall expenses.

By supporting us on this journey you are helping us to not only have the best chance of success at this tournament, but also channel our limited funds into all areas of development for Rugby League in Hong Kong and ultimately see the game continue to flourish.

Any amount helps so please do support us with anything you are able to. Our suggested donation tiers are:

Immortal HK$ 5,000

Hall of Famer HK$ 2,500

Dally M Medallist HK$ 1,000

First Grader HK$ 500

Fanatic HK$ 300

Thanks for your generous support!

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Team Members

James Hall

Jack Nielsen

Neville Metcalfe

Ringo Lung

Suzanne Carey