Empower Women in STEMM & Fight Climate Change!

By Homeward Bound Team USA

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Homeward Bound - Providing Solutions

Homeward Bound is a global leadership training program for women in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math and medicine) who share a passion for environmental sustainability and conservation. Over 10 years, this initiative will equip a global team of women scientists 1000-strong with increased leadership capabilities, experience promoting visibility in both academia and industry, and a skillset to influence policy and decision-making that shapes our planet.

Each year, a team of up to 100 women are selected to participate in Homeward Bound's year-long training and development program that culminates in a 3-week expedition to Antarctica, one of the most ecologically sensitive and inspiring areas on Earth.

In 2019, the 4th cohort of women to participate in Homeward Bound, HB4, includes 100 women representing 33 countries, and is the largest group of women with STEMM expertise to embark on an Antarctic expedition.

Why Women, STEMM, & Climate Change?

The planet is at an ecological and social turning point, with women heavily underrepresented in leadership roles and decision-making table, especially in STEMM disciplines.

The goal of Homeward Bound is to bring more women into leadership positions to foster a more cooperative, diverse leadership structure to effect change at a global scale.

Congruent with the global leadership disparage, climate change imposes global challenges to sustainability and human well-being. STEMM disciplines provide evidence-based solutions to implementing action on climate change and conquering the sustainability crisis. Homeward Bound is committed to equipping women with leadership and strategic skills to increase their opportunities to assume global positions of advocacy and empower them to inform policy to proactively address the global climate crisis.

Who is Team USA?

The 2019 Team USA is comprised of 21 women based in the USA, representing 11 states, 3 countries and over 10 STEMM disciplines. These women are passionate about contributing their knowledge and talents to leadership worldwide and protecting the sustainability of our planet. This diverse group of women has a common goal – to create a world where decisions are made with equity, evidence-based science and legacy in mind.

Meet Team USA!

Value to Sponsors

Your support helps amplify the message of the Homeward Bound Program, create a stronger network, and support the participation of Team USA in this competitive program.

Through support and patronage, individuals, companies and organizations that sponsor the 2019 Team USA align themselves with the values of sustainability and gender equality that the Homeward Bound Program and members of the 2019 Team USA promote.

Your donation will support Team USA in the Homeward Bound journey that will provide them with the skills and connections to launch strong representation of women in STEMM at all levels.

Currently at its 4th year, the impact of Homeward Bound and of their participants grows every year, spreading the message of its values and encouraging a change in decision-making for a greater good where present and future generations are the beneficiaries.

Global sponsors include ACCIONA, Human Synergistics, Kathmandu, among others.

Visit http://homewardboundprojects.com.au/ for more info on the Homeward Bound mission and achievements to date!

If you want to talk further about ways we can collaborate email us at homewardboundteamusa@gmail.com. We also accept paypal and Google pay contributions at this email.

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Team Members

Homeward Bound

Blanca Bernal

Carly Quisenberry

Deb Mueller

Katie Piazza

Krissa Skogen

Kristin Raja