Homeward Bound Scholarships for #HB5

By Homeward Bound

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What is Homeward Bound?

Homeward Bound is a groundbreaking, global leadership initiative for women with a background in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine). 

The foundation of this initiative is an annual year-long leadership development program, facilitated by a global faculty of experts and environmental champions. Each program culminates in a three-week expedition to Antarctica, one of the most ecologically sensitive and inspiring places on Earth. 

Each graduating cohort becomes part of a global network of like-minded women committed to demonstrating a model of leadership (collaborative, inclusive, legacy-minded) that will influence outcomes for men and women towards a healthier planet, and a sustainable future for us all.

Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters

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For more information about Homeward Bound please visit our website here

Help 5 women from countries affected by climate change to participate in Homeward Bound in 2020 by donating here

Scholarship (full or partial) will be offered to:

  • Women in countries most affected by climate change
  • Women least able to pay
  • Women most able to influence decision making if they had the chance to participate in Homeward Bound.

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