Help pay Hollygrove Market's farmers!

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Our farmers fed our community

Hollygrove Market and Farm was committed to serving the Hollygrove community and Greater New Orleans with fresh, local food. Our local farmers and and producers made that possible week in and week out.

But we couldn't keep up

Because of mounting overhead costs, the market wasn't always able to pay the entire bill every week. And yet... our farmers and producers knew what the community needed and they kept bringing their beautiful produce and quality goods. While the market is closed for good, we-- a group of former employees and community members-- are taking it upon ourselves to try and get some money back into the hands of those producers. We think this is important, and that's why we're doing it.

We must take care of our farmers

A team made up of former employees and community partners will ensure that each and every dollar goes to support a future for the farmers who have supported our community year in and year out. Proportionate to our debt to each, we will make strides to pay back these farmers, with your help.

Repaying the debt allows our farmers to feed their own families and continue to provide local, healthy food for the city and maintains valuable relationships.

Help us thank our farmers for all that they have given our neighborhood and our city.

But we can't do it without you.

While the total for this fundraiser does not encompass the entirety of the debts owed by the Market, we can make a big dent with $20,000. We hope to have future fundraising events to this end, as well.

Every single dollar you donate will be distributed to farmers by our team, which includes former employees Jen, Gretchen, Matthew, Davne, Sharon, Kellye, Kelsie, and Tana, as well as Morgan, Jessica, and Alex, committed members of the HMF community.

The money raised here will not go anywhere except to the hardworking farmers who were left in the lurch when HMF closed.

For the time you spent reading this and anything you're able to donate, thank you. Your support of the Market has been invaluable. Help us support our farmers for a brighter future!

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