Holiday Toy Drive 2018

By IDOC Watch

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A little bit of context

2017 was our first annual holiday toy drive. We sent presents to 83 children on behalf of their incarcerated loved one. This year, we are trying to send presents to 100 children.

11% of children in Indiana have or had a parent who is or was incarcerated at some point during their life, making Indiana the state with the second highest percentage of children harmed by parental incarceration. Researchers have found that "'adverse childhood experiences (ACEs),' also known as immediate negative outcomes, [affect] children with incarcerated parents. The list of such ACEs includes 'increased risk for trauma, or toxic stress, particularly when they are cumulative,'" (Alexander).

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are collecting money to buy gifts for kids in Indiana. (We are also collecting lightly used/like new toys at specific locations - we will update this later.) We sent a form to many prisoners within the Indiana Department of Correction asking if they have a child they'd like to give a gift to. We asked that these forms be returned to us by December 2nd. If you know someone who is incarcerated in the IDOC, please feel free to send them the form below, and message us for a return address to send it back to us.

You can join us

Please share, donate, put out a box for toy donations, or hold fundraisers! Anything and everything helps. If you do decide to hold an event or put out a box, please let us know! Prisons destroy families, people, and communities. We all deserve more, especially those most affected by incarceration. Make a difference for kids this winter.


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