Holiday Blanket Drive

By Kurt Clodfelter

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Last year my wife and I raised nearly $2,000 and provided blankets, meals, and bags full of other neccessities for almost 200 people. We went out to a homeless camp in Baltimore and really did SOME good, but this year we want to do MORE GOOD.

Last year I went out on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to pass out hot food and the care bags. While doing this I realized that it is cold on more than just the holidays and many homeless people don't live with a group of other homeless folks. This year we are going to practice guerilla giving by making many smaller trips into the city and around Anne Arundel County to find those homeless individuals living without benefit of community. We will be taking 10-20 blankets and bags at a time and pass them out to folks we see living on the streets. We want to get more blankets out to more people this year so our goal has been raised. There isn't much time to donate so don't wait until the end of the campaign. In order to get the prices down I have to buy in bulk which means I have to have the money in hand to purchase ALL the blankets at once, and ALL of the bags, all at one time. The holidays aren't here yet, but the holiday blanket drive starts NOW.

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