Hobbits for Kids in Care

By Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship/Fortinbras ProudfootEsq Foundation Pty.

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Hobbits for Kids in Care

By Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship

Each child is valued as an individual.

Our Campaign, Hobbits for Kids in Care, is to raise funds towards purchasing books to be given to children who are in care, through The Pyjama Foundation.

It is a known fact that being read to as a child has a significant positive impact on learning and literacy throughout life. It is an unfortunate side-effect of the foster system that children in the system often miss out on this experience. These children have had a rough start to life, having been removed from their family home due to abuse or neglect. Then they face the social consequences of being in the foster system, being moved from home to home, school to school, minimising their chance to develop any life stability.

The Pyjama Foundation

That’s where The Pyjama Foundation comes in. Based in Brisbane, the Pyjama Foundation works to improve the literacy skills of children in foster care across Australia. The Pyjama Foundation has a learning-based mentoring program called the Love of Learning Program, which involves matching one adult – a “Pyjama Angel”, with one child.

A “Pyjama Angel” visits the same child every week, for 1.5 hours to read books aloud, play educational games and work on their numeracy skills. These volunteers help children develop their learning skills and perhaps more importantly, demonstrate that the child is valued as an individual.

The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship

The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship, a group dedicated to the enjoyment of Tolkien literature and the love of reading, has been working with the Pyjama Foundation for a number of years, as a valued fundraising partner. The BTF attends Queensland conventions, Supanova, presents talks on Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies, presents Children’s Story Time at Libraries, Tolkien displays at Libraries, has monthly Book Club meetings and holds an annual charity event “An Evening in Middle-Earth” Dinner Dance which this year is on October 15th. Funds raised by BTF at events go towards supporting the Pyjama Foundation’s important work.

This year, the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship has created a challenge: to collect 1500 books for kids in foster care by October 15th.

Each child is valued as an individual.

“Hobbits for Kids in Care” aims to make each Child in Care who is in The Pyjama Foundation’s Program feel valued as an individual. We hope to gather enough books so that each child receives one as a gift so that they will realise that there are people in the community who care about them.

Each book will be presented to a child with a small hello letter from “Hobbits Who Care.”

This video, a discussion on ABC Radio is about The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship, the work they do, the events they attend, their charity work and their campaign for Children in Care. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLpPrmZLxnA

We would welcome any donations, regardless of size, to help us cover the cost of these books and achieve our goal.

To thank you for your support we have a number of special perks for you, and a super special Bonus Draw. (see below)

All people who donate will get a shout out on our Hobbits for Kids in Care Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Hobbits-for-Kids-in-Care-...

The Perks:

A set of 5 Bookmarks, each with a short verse about a character from middle-earth.

A Fellowship Brooch.

A Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship library bag.

Dreams of Another Land, a Middle-earth inspired book written by Peter Kenny.

A Tolkien Fellowship "white tree" T-Shirt - with elvish words, "Hern Ennorath" (Southern Lands of Middle-earth)

Special Bonus Draw: One chance to win this wonderful prize pictured below if you donate up to $25. Extra chances for each extra multiple of $25 donated.

e.g. $50, two chances; $100, four chances, etc.

Bag End Environment by Weta Workshop... Value $ 200

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Team Members

Peter Kenny

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