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A farm in the city

Look closer... There is a patch of land wedged between main roads, shopping centres, carparks and sports grounds.

This land glows with incredible potential. It's the home of Hobart City Farm and while it doesn't look like much now it is being transformed into an abundant farm providing the best, freshest produce right in the heart of the city.

Breaking ground

In a time where farmers are literally walking off their land and their average age is in the mid 50s, we're walking back onto farm land and re-embracing one of the most important jobs in the world.

Hobart City Farm is a not for profit organisation focused on running an urban farming social enterprise.

'Social enterprises use the power of the market place to solve the most pressing societal problems. They are businesses that exist primarily to benefit the public and the community, rather than their shareholders and owners.' (socialtraders.com.au)

Why do we want to be city farmers?

We're passionate about investing in local and regional food systems so our community will have reliable access to nutritious food.

We see growing food in the heart of the community as a way to rebuild the connection between where food comes from, the people who grow it and all of us who eat it.

In addition to producing food, the Hobart City Farm will be growing community through offering hands-on practical workshops on and off the farm.

Through harvest festivals, skill shares and celebrations, we will ensure you can all stay connected with what's in season and get a chance to get your hands dirty.

The Hobart City Farm will employ local Tasmanians, creating meaningful livelihoods for individuals. But we're also looking and thinking beyond our farm gate and will partner with other go-getters to provide training in small-hold farming. We're committed to supporting others to gain the skills they need to get started on the path to being farmers.

We need your help

Hobart City Farm is a not for profit organisation focused on running an urban farming social enterprise.

Our aim is to be financially self-sustaining while creating massive social value and looking after our land. But start-up costs for any farm are high and we want to get growing now!

The money we are raising will be spent on;
- fencing for the site - to keep out rabbits and wallabies
- small-scale farm machinery including a walk-behind tractor plus implements
- a whole array of specially designed hand tools (a must for organic growing, when weeding is plentiful!)
- soil-improving materials including compost and other natural amendments
- irrigation equipment
- polytunnel materials and greenhouse equipment
- harvest tools and equipment

We have put our heads together to come up with high-quality, unique perks for Hobart City Farm supporters.

As well as screen-printed, ethically sourced t-shirts, heirloom seeds and limited edition Hobart City Farm thank you cards we are offering beehives for your own garden or orchard (carefully crafted by the Farm team), a high-class permaculture design for your home, invitations to our launch at the farm, yard-blitzes, compost workshops and for one lucky person a years worth of the best, local produce, delivered to your door (we will also name our tractor after you!).

We have the experience and we have the passion. We just need your help. Check out the whole basket full of amazing rewards for our campaign supporters.

We can't wait until you can visit our abundant and beautiful farm, it's just down the road.

Until then, check us out at :

Our team includes James Da Costa, Louise Sales, Sam Beattie, Bridget Stewart and Hannah Moloney. We also have a wonderful support crew and a bunch of friends and supporters who are helping make this all possible.

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Team Members

Bridget Stewart (Hobart City Farm)