Bringing Treatment for Cervical Cancer to Tanzania

By HERHealthEQ

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The availability of cervical cancer treatment in Tanzania

Cervical cancer rates are on the rise across developing countries, while screening and treatment programs struggle to keep up. To date, 7% of women screened by our Tanzanian partners need treatment for cervical cancer (compared to only 2.4% in the U.S.), but when these women receive their results, treatment is not available.

The government of Tanzania has committed to increasing the number of women screened for cervical cancer, but what happens when even more women are found to need treatment? For now, it means long wait times while the cancer progresses, and traveling thousands of kilometers to receive treatment, if they can.

What happens next?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that women with cervical cancer receive treatment immediately with cryotherapy - something that is only available in a fraction of the towns where women are screened. This is where HERHealthEQ is joining the cause - equipping health facilities with cryotherapy equipment so that these women can receive the critical care they need and avoid the progression to later stage cancer. The treatment will be close to where they live, and at the facilities in which they are screened.

You can join us

Your donations can help us to transport the cryotherapy equipment to these rural facilities, purchase the gas cartridges used to operate the equipment which facilitates more women receiving treatment, and manage the first pilot programs in Tanzania.

Our plan is to treat over 50,000 women within the first part of 2019 to save their lives, continuing the growth of their family and community. We are ensuring that these women are receiving the treatment and no one is left behind.

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