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A large number of local businesses in the ACT do not have the capital to provide well-being or employee assistance programs to sustain their loyal workforce.

#HelpNowGroup has put their hand out to provide at-cost Employees Assistance Services to local businesses with your #HelpNowGroup contributions.

Our Mission

#HelpNowGroup believes well-being programs should be available to ALL workers, not just big corporations. This support should be available without putting local owners on tight budgets, out of business.

These owners have casual, part-time, Job Active participants, concession card holders who need #HelpNow to get over life's hang-ups and bang-ups to maintain their employment.

Casual staff, part-timers, sole operators who champion small to medium ACT businesses run into trouble and need support outside of 9-5. They need #HelpNow, On-Demand when THEY need it!

You can Help!

YOU can give #HelpNow to local businesses YOU support.

#HelpNowGroup caters all access support via: video, SMS, phone, face-to-face BUT only with locally based professionals who have a local duty of care not a disconnected national call centre.

#HelpNowGroup difference is technology of accountability, streamlined outcomes, and cost-positive delivery systems for local businesses. Employee assistance programs ARE deserving of every single person employed person and their direct family members.

Holiday pressure is on for temp, casual, contract work local employers

The holidays are coming and these employees need #HelpNowGroup support more than ever. With your contribution #HelpNowGroup can support these small businesses get through tough times.

All funds contributed go directly to HelpNow debt funded program that sources independent, local counsellors and social workers ready to #HelpNow.

A portion will go to #HelpNowGroup's community-based advocacy campaign in February 2018 to make EAP/well-being programs available to ALL Australian businesses owners and their employees.

#HelpNow believes well-being/employees assistance programs should be as standard as a super annuation for ALL of Australia's workforce.

Are you ready to give the gift of #HelpNow?

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