Help Make Winter Warm - for just £3.00

By Robert Rosenberg

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A little bit of context

We are Phili and Rob, an engaged couple living in London. For years, Phili has been buying hot water bottles and handing them out in the winter months to homeless people local to her home or work. Last year I wanted to get involved and got to see how warmly the gift was received (mind the pun!).

But there’s a problem

There are only two of us, and we are limited in the amount of hot water bottles we can buy, and the time we have to give them out. It's extremely cold in London over the winter months and, as everyone is busy spending excessively on presents, food and drink, we thought they could also do so in helping us to spread the much-needed and hugely-appreciated warmth that hot water bottles provide.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We're buying 120 hot water bottles (as a starting point, if we raise funds quickly we'll buy more), with fleece covers to ensure people don't burn themselves, and then trying to fundraise the money back (with no profit whatsoever for ourselves).

We're then contacting London charities and homeless shelters who can help us to distribute the hot water bottles to those who need them. We're not sure how best to do this, so any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

You can join us

Pay for a hot water bottle! Pay for two! Pay for 100 (in which case we'd have to buy some more)!!

They are just £3.00 each. That's all it is to help people keep warm.

In addition, we'd appreciate help in distribution. If you're willing to volunteer to drop some off, or with any admin we might need support with, let us know!

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