Helping Disabled Veterans to Survive and Thrive

By Kate Fornicola

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Why this is so important

I was medically retired from the Navy in 2009 because I suffered an injury that left me blind in my left eye, with glaucoma that triggered completely debilitating migraines almost every day. My husband, Daniel, suffered 4 major TBI's in 9 months and was discharged from the Army in 2014. When Daniel was discharged, and applied for disability benefits from the VA, I was still waiting for mine. Sadly, our story is not unique. There are currently 4 million Veterans with service connected disability, living at or below the poverty line. Many of those Veterans are severely disabled, unable to work, waiting a year or more for their benefits, unable to make ends meet. Just like us.

Programs to help do not exist

While we waited, we struggled every month. We did whatever we could think of to survive. We contacted over 1000 charities, but financial assistance for Veterans doesn't exist. Not at the federal, state or local levels. Even the VA would not help, until we actually became homeless. We promised ourselves If we survived that hardship, we would do anything in our power to prevent Veterans from suffering as we did.

Continuing the fight

We survived that struggle and we are keeping our promise. We started a small, grassroots organization called Continue The Fight. While we tried to find the right way to help, we hosted small events to raise funds, such as yard sales and community cookouts. While every dollar helps, the need exceeds what we can do alone. We are expanding our fundraising efforts and asking you to join in the fight to help disabled Veterans!! We are the ONLY charitable organization focused on providing financial assistance to Veterans!! Every dollar we collect goes directly to helping disabled Veterans in financial crisis.

These men and women fought and sacrificed for all of us. Every American life has been positively impacted by a Veteran! The least we can do is provide a safe place for these Veterans to go and receive the help they need! Will you thank a Veteran today by donating to this great cause?

You can join us

Right now we are trying to raise $15,000 for disabled Veterans in need. With that money, we can provide financial assistance to Veterans for three months.

With a monthly budget of $5000, we can provide three families with a months rent/mortgage, five families with a utility bill, five families with two weeks of groceries, and provide transportation for twenty people to places such as VA appointments, medical appointments, school, grocery store, etc. That makes 99 Veterans and families that we can help!! Will you help a Veteran or their family by donating today?

Donate! Donate!! Donate!!!

We can not do it alone!! We need each and every one of you to dig deep! Find it in your heart to help these people in need! Don't Veterans deserve our help, after all they have done for us? Will you donate to help to support disabled Veterans?

Making a donation can benefit you too!! We are proud to announce that Continue The Fight has officially been approved for 501c not for profit status!! That means that every donation that has been, or will be made, is now tax deductible!! Will you get your tax write-off by donating to disabled Veterans today?

We want to salute you!

Every dollar you donate brings us closer to our goal. The more help we get, the more help we can give! We want to honor your support by featuring your name on the "Wall of Heroes"' on our website, Continue The Fight, at Will you reserve your spot on our "Wall of Heroes" by making a donation right now?

Gift Levels

$50 + Featured as a Bronze Star supporter

$500 + Featured as a Silver Star supporter

$1000 + Featured as a Medal of Honor supporter

All those who give, and wish to provide a mailing address, will receive a "thank you" package including:

The Continue The Fight newsletter, with updates about the families we assist, supporter merchandise and a special treat from us!!!

Follow the families that you have helped, and reserve your "thank you" package today, by making a donation!!!

Thank you for your support! You are all warriors in the fight to support our disabled veterans!!

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