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Creating our dream retreat

Gomde Scotland is a beautiful woodland meditation centre in development for group or individual retreats, founded in the Himalayan Vajrayana Buddhist tradition by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.

Set in 50 acres of Scottish woodland, Gomde is a teaching centre and conservation area for the native flora and fauna of the Scottish Highlands. Here, you can sit with 60-year-old pines rising above you, and explore groves of oak, birch, beech, wild cherry, and many other native Scottish trees. Connect, go deep, and relax.

We are completely delighted to be hosting the first three week Triple Excellence Retreat in Gomde Scotland! Rinpoche has said that our bespoke meditation centre is particularly suitable for Tara Retreat, and under the guidance of Lama Tenzin and Heidi Koeppl, this three week retreat will be our first major hosting event.

But we've struck an obstacle...

However, we currently do not have the housing and facilities needed!

We urgently need 4 additional retreat huts and a toilet block. These will form a major foundation of all future retreats, and will be first used in the Tara Retreat, just two months away.

We were on track, until a third of our workforce stumbled, well, off-track. Michael, one of the beloved founders of Gomde Scotland, has tripped and broken his elbow. So there will be no more lifting of cement blocks for him!

Help us keep building

Our remaining team of two volunteers (supported by our lovely local non-building volunteers) are working hard on the foundations. We need your help to go higher!

However, we require funds for building supplies, and we will now also need to hire a professional carpenter to help us out, while Michael is not allowed to touch anything building related!

We are building four living spaces: two small huts and two rooms attached to larger (future) cabins. We are also building a toilet block!

Once the huts and toilets are built, we will be in a wonderful position to host future meditation retreats, and to also open the centre to regular individual retreats.

Our space here in Scotland is a truly beautiful, inspiring location to build compassion, and enjoy the spiritual benefits of spending time in the woodlands.

What will the money do?

To fully complete and insulate the huts and cabin rooms will cost around £40,000 British pounds. They will be made on site by volunteers and the first step is to build the outer frame structure so they can be used in the summer for the retreat.

A fully heated insulated toilet & shower block, including six toilets, three showers, washing basins, disabled facilities and a washing machine is estimated at around £50,000. That’s a lot to raise so we will start with the first half of the block and infrastructure needing £25,000.

The good news is everyone has already been so generous and for everyone who has given we extend our heartfelt thanks. We have been able to buy £3500 worth of building blocks and timber - a huge start.

This next phase will include toilets, windows, pipes - all vital :)

We know we're asking a lot, because building costs are so high in the UK. But we also know we'll be giving it back in the future!

Our gratitude

By helping us build our retreat, we want you to be able to enjoy it yourself! If the cost of a future retreat stay is too high, you contribution will still greatly assist us, and in gratitude we will make dedicated offerings and prayers.

Option 1 ~ 70 pounds ~ Retreat weekend for 1 person

Rest in one of our single huts, with views of the woodlands and peace and quiet. Lunch and dinner are included. Dates are subject to availability, and there are excluded dates (such as during major retreats). Available on a weekend or any two weekdays, as you request.

Option 2 ~ 120 pounds ~ Retreat weekend for 2 people

Immerse yourself in the forest and stay in one of our new cabins. Lunch and dinner included. Dates are subject to availability, and there are excluded dates. Available weekend or weekdays.

Option 3 ~ 15 pounds ~ We will thank you with a tara prayer. This involves lighting 21 candles and singing the Tara prayer and dedicating the prayers at your request.

Option 4 ~ 20 pounds ~ A dedicated Sang offering ceremony. On your behalf, we will make a pure smoke offering of aromatic juniper and pine needles and woods for the blessing of the whole environment.

Option 5 ~ Any amount ~ No amount is too small (or too large!). We are deeply grateful for anything you can spare. If you wish to donate a larger amount, pleas contact us about staying longer on a personal retreat.

This is an amazing opportunity to help the initial start up of this small Gomde meditation centre and gain merit through all the many retreats to come in the future.

Please help!

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