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The local food movement in Calgary is growing, and we need your help!

In the past few years, the demand for locally-produced food in Calgary has grown.

More and more, our communities and local restaurants are looking to purchase locally. We’re realizing the importance of having a local food infrastructure. We want to feed our kids fresh food, and it’s what we prefer to eat when we go out.

YYC Growers was founded in 2013, after a few of us urban farmers (over a shared meal of course) ended up discussing the possibilities of combining our efforts. We realized the barriers to urban farming, like marketing efforts, space and relationships, could be overcome by working together. And so, our local urban farming society began.

And we’ve grown, faster than we ever expected.

What started with 7 farmer members has reached 20 this year. We began with a CSA that served around 70 families in our community, and we’re now growing for hundreds across the city.

We’re also providing food to many local restaurants and grocery stores. It’s been amazing and overwhelming all at the same time, and we know the demand is only going to grow.

The problem is we’re just plain out of space. And we’re on our way to solving that problem! We’ve recently secured a larger space in SE Calgary (up to now we’ve been super cozy in a garage) with another local food business, Fulfilled.

What we need now is a larger cooler to safely and efficiently store our produce. We could also really use some help to get us set up and running in our new space.

And this is where you come in!

We’ve come to realize we need some help, and who better to ask than our community? There are so many incredible local food champions in Calgary, and we’d love to have you join us in raising our goal of $25,000.

We believe in the value of the food we grow, and despite the challenges of urban farming we’re insanely passionate about what we do. YYC Growers’ vision is sustainable food on every Calgary plate, and we know it’s possible.

This campaign is about more than just raising funds. We want to raise awareness for the local food movement here in Calgary, and why it matters. The more we as a society can support our farmer members, the more food they can produce.

Our dream is to greatly increase the supply of local produce, to both reduce the costs to our customers and increase accessibility for everyone in the city.

Join us in supporting the local food movement.

Local food matters to all of us. We strongly believe that together we can greatly expand the already growing food scene in Calgary, along with so many other great organizations and initiatives currently happening in our city. We’re excited to move forward together. Will you join us?

Help us reach our goal and get some amazing perks thanks to our incredible local business community.

YYC Growers is partnered with many amazing businesses and organizations in Calgary that have stepped up to support us in our campaign. We’d been so encouraged and honoured by every donation they’ve given. Check out the incredible local perks you can receive to the right, and please…donate and help us get our cooler!

So many thanks go out to our local food champions: Sunnyside Natural Market, Forage Calgary, Last Best Brewing and Distilling, Market Collective, Happiness by the Acre, Country Thyme Farms, Eagle Creek Farms, NOtaBLE, The Nash, & Midtown Kitchen & Bar.

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