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Only 1 week left!

10 June 2015: And £267 left to raise... Surely we can do it?

We are so close to our goal of raising £6,000 to create a fantastic campaign video for Veganuary 2016! We're just chuffed to bits that so many of you have supported us in our goal to make more vegans. Thank you.

Here's hoping that this super shot of Rory, Honey and Chuck will win over a few hearts. A pledge for this perk and our donation goal will be in touching distance!

Rory, Honey and Chuck were rescued from the Iowa floods and now live in peace and tranquillity at Farm Sanctuary in New York. Like the other four portraits in this perk, this image will be professionally printed and signed by Jo-Anne McArthur.

We imagine there might be a few children out there who'd love a picture of three real little piggies on their wall. Especially when this story has a happy ending and no market in sight!

If you'd like to welcome Rory, Honey and Chuck into your home, simply click 'Select' beside the Limited Edition Signed Portraits perk.

For more examples of Jo-Anne's amazing photography please visit

12 days to go!

5 June 2015: And only 2 spectacular signed portraits left!

Meet Amigo :) Rescued from the veal and dairy industries, his beautiful portrait will speak straight to the heart of many vegans. Discovering the plight of calves like Amigo is frequently a tipping point; recognising the cruelty involved in dairy production is the reason so many of us choose not to consume its products.

Like all the other portraits available through this perk, Amigo's photograph will be professionally printed and signed by Jo-Anne McArthur. So if this isn't a vegan-friendly perk, then we don't know what is!

If you'd like to have a new friend in your life, simply click 'Select' beside the Limited edition We Animals photographic print perk and enter 'Amigo' in the comments box. (You'll see this as you make your way through the donation process.)

Thanks to Jo-Anne McArthur for her tireless work for animals, and to those wonderful folk at Farm Sanctuary for saving Amigo from an appalling, and short, existence.

15 days left and less than £500 to go!

2 June 2015: Can we do it?

We certainly hope so! Veganuary has prevented millions of animals having to suffer like this... But we need your help to continue to help them.

Come on vegans, please get us over this last hurdle. We want to change the lives for mamas and babies everywhere.

Two for One Update!

21 May 2015: Two updates are going out today, as the Veganuary team will be at VegfestUK in Bristol this weekend and away from their trusty laptops.


We're delighted to release this exquisite photographic portrait by Jo-Anne McArthur of JJ - one of the beloved sheep at Farm Sanctuary.

Being a New Zealander, sheep hold a special place in the heart of our marketing manager, Clea, so she suggested this portrait as a perk to Jo-Anne.

"Just looking at JJ's face makes me feel calm. There is a stillness, a soulfulness, about this portrait, and I couldn't stop going back to look at it. I truly hope that someone else will love it the way I do." - Clea

If you've fallen in love with JJ, simply click 'Select' beside the perk and enter the word 'JJ' in the comment box (you'll see this as you move through the donation process). Please note: there is only one JJ print up for grabs.

As always, thanks to Jo-Anne McArthur for supporting us, to Farm Sanctuary, and to JJ - a truly beloved, beautiful sheep.


Uh oh... Someone's found our hiding place!

Quick guys! One of the Veganuary HQ hounds (Cosmo, of course. Rose is far too ladylike.) has found our secret stash of tote bags and treats...

These tote bags are our £30 perk, and are filled to the brim (well, should be!) with goodies from our supporters (Nakd and Ten Acre to name a few).

Get your hands on one today by clicking the 'Select' button beside the Veganuary Swag Bag perk.

NB: No Cosmos were harmed in the making of this update. Strangely, some of Cosmo's very favourite Pawtato Bites found their way into a tote bag. Thus causing him to snaffle about just long enough for us to grab a few snaps. Marketing set-up? Nah! ;)


19 May 2015: Here's our design for the £10 perk!

Donate £10 and become a Veganuary Social Media Superhero, with a personalised version of this cool profile pic. Use this on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and show off your vegan superpowers to the world!

29 days to go and we're already at £4,704... You are all our heroes! Thank you.

News Flash!

18 May 2015: Production Company pledges to go vegan for January!

Our drizzly Monday morning just got a whole lot better...

We've just received an email from our media production company, and they are going vegan for January in support of Veganuary!

We decided to work with Envelope Films because of their stand-out enthusiasm for the project , sense of fun, and total professionalism. Within a week of Clea's first email, Judith and Sam were sat round Jane and Matthew's kitchen table, munching on kale crisps and bouncing brilliant script ideas back and forth. We liked them from the get-go.

So the news that they're also going to be Veganuary participants really is the icing on the egg-free cake!

"We love working for people that are devoted and passionate about what they do. We've been inspired by the team at Veganuary and have already learnt a lot about what it is to be vegan and how it can help the planet. Envelope Films are excited to be working with such a really good cause. We're looking forward to being vegan in January and promoting the spirit and message of Veganuary." Judith - Envelope Films

Sam and Judith, we're chuffed to bits to be working with you. Here's to the start of a beautiful vegan friendship, and some awesome film-making!

If you'd like to show your support for Veganuary 2016's newest sign-ups then please send a tweet to Judith and Sam: @EnvelopeFilms.


15 May 2015: Only 4 of the limited edition signed photographic prints by Jo-Anne McArthur are left; our lovely Larry has a home!

Thank you to Marian for her generous donation, for loving Larry and for helping us to make more vegans.

Exciting Update!

14 May 2015: Our beautiful crowdfunding page has been officially live for four days, and overnight we just pipped over £4,000 in donations! A rather lovely synchronicity :) Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution so far - every single pound counts. Thank you for believing in us.

We're excited to make today's update, as it is about one of our very favourite perks... The limited edition signed photographic prints by Jo-Anne McArthur.

Five beautiful portraits have been selected especially for this campaign by Jo-Anne and Veganuary, and we're delighted to release the first one today: Larry, a gentle giant who lived within the safety and love of Farm Sanctuary for nearly 19 years.

As in reality, there is only one Larry, so if you'd like to have his beauty with you every day, simply click 'Select' beside the perk and enter the word 'Larry' in the comment box (you'll see this as you move through the donation process).

An extra special thanks to Farm Sanctuary for loving Larry, and to Jo-Anne for sharing a glimpse into the soul of this special individual. And of course, thanks to Larry - just for being him.

What is Veganuary?

Launched in 2014, Veganuary (pronounced vee-gan-uary) is an online campaign that encourages people across the globe to try vegan for the month of January. In just two years, over 16,000 people have taken part; with four times as many participating this January than last. is innovative and comprehensive; providing honest, clear, and expert advice to users in a non-judgemental and supportive manner.

And our approach is working! In our 2015 Participant Survey, 51% of respondents confirmed that they would be staying vegan after January. (We'll keep updated with their progress by surveying again at six and 12 monthly intervals.)

Why make a video?

We're hoping to attract 50,000 participants for the Veganuary 2016 campaign, but we need to maintain our current momentum for that to happen.

We believe that a well-produced video is the most effective way of promoting Veganuary; we can say so much more in 90-120 seconds than we can graphically, and have seen these work extraordinarily well for other month-long campaigns (like Movember, for example). We will share this video via social media, other online channels and our supporters to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible.

This video will inspire more people to take part in Veganuary. More people taking part in Veganuary = more vegans at the end of the month. And more vegans = more animals' lives saved.

In just two years we have proved that Veganuary makes vegans, so now our focus must be on increasing participant numbers. If we increase our reach we can change our world.

So why do we need your help?

Because we do not have the money to make this video on our own.

Matthew and Jane, Veganuary's Founders, have invested their life-savings into this campaign. The 2015 campaign alone cost £120,000 and we can no longer continue without support. We believe that your donations will be put to some of the best use in making and promoting this video.

We have enlisted the creativity and talent of a fantastic film company... More info on them to follow later!

How many animals will be saved?

This January our participants saved the lives of 1,596,180 animals*, which equates to (the lives of) 13 animals for every £1.00 spent. Veganuary is highly effective, and we believe that we can do even more with increased support from the vegan community.

*This information is available in full at

And here are some awesome perks to thank you for your support!

£3: Become a Veganuary Superhero, and receive a personalised Thank-you in our dedicated blog. (500)

£10: A Happy Dance Video - the Veganuary team will make complete fools of themselves just for you! Plus the above personalised Thank-you on our blog. (100)

£10: Become a social media Veganuary Superhero, with a personalised profile pic! Plus a personalised Thank-you on our blog. (100)

£30: Swag Bag - a Veganuary tote bag, with a Veganuary wristband and goodies from our brilliant sponsors. Makes a great gift! Plus a personalised Thank-you on our blog. (40 available)

£50: Are you a vegan business? Then we'll add your profile to the Our Supporters page on for one year! (50)

£85: Dinner for two at Tibits in London. Plus a personalised Thank-you on our blog. (1 available)

£125: Limited edition We Animals photographic print by Jo-Anne McArthur. Selected by Jo-Anne especially for Veganuary.

The We Animals project was created by award-winning photojournalist, author and activist Jo-Anne McArthur, who has been documenting the plight of animals on all seven continents for over a decade. We Animals has become an internationally celebrated archive, and over one hundred animal organizations have benefited from her photography, many of which continue to work closely with Jo-Anne on stories, investigations, campaigns and humane education.

Jo-Anne is the subject of Canadian film maker Liz Marshall's acclaimed documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine ( and her first book, also entitled We Animals, was published by Lantern Books in 2013. You can view Jo-Anne's amazing work at

Plus a personalised Thank-you on our blog. (5 available)

£200: VIP Invite to the Official Veganuary Launch Party in London on World Vegan Day (1 November). If based overseas, we'll Skype you in on the big screen! Plus a personalised Thank-you on our blog. (2 available)

£300: VIP Invite to the Official Veganuary Launch Party in London on World Vegan Day (1 November). If based overseas, we'll Skype you in on the big screen! AND your very own Producer credit on the video. (Makes a great gift!) Plus a personalised Thank-you on our blog. (2 available)

£1000: VIP Invite to the Official Veganuary Launch Party in London on World Vegan Day (1 November). If based overseas, we'll Skype you in on the big screen! AND your very own Producer credit on the video. AND dinner out with the Veganuary Founders! Be wined and dined by Matthew and Jane at an exclusive venue (choice of London or Yorkshire, UK). Plus a personalised Thank-you on our blog. (1 available)

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