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By Hangar 1

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Definition of hangar: shelter, shed; especially : a covered and usually enclosed area for housing and repairing aircraft

As the definition states, a hangar is a shelter. And in Berlin, this is no exception. However, the Hangars of Tempelhof Airport are not housing aircrafts, but migrants seeking asylum in Germany. It was there where the idea behind this organization was born: every Saturday, we meet in Hangar 1 to carry out pre-coordinated artistic activities with migrant kids that need a creative outlet to take their minds off what they have been through.

Hangar 1 is an organization conformed by people coming from different backgrounds: Arts, Music, the Start-up scene, Public Relations, and even Law. Altogether, we run several projects that support migrants seeking asylum in Germany, and our aim is to be able to support our projects financially, and many more that even though they may not be related to Hangar 1, need a back up in terms of money, volunteers, and even counseling.

Hangar 1’s first aim is to organize a series of events that connect music and arts to the migrant crisis and to generate a creative network that wishes to collaborate with the people living in the shelters.

Our organization helms the following projects:

  • Playdates for Migrant Kids - Berlin: this is our longest running project, the spark that lit the fire. We have been up and running for a year and some more, visiting migrant shelters and doing art activities with kids from all ages. Currently, we run an event every Saturday, and have an extensive network of volunteers.
  • Future Coders: this project came to us from some of our volunteers that own a Start-up that does web programming. The goal of Future Coders is to teach young migrants to program, and the basics of each language, to give them a tool to contribute to the thriving Berlin Tech Start-Up scene and of course, a possibility to make a living out of it.

Now we need your help. With little money we can do much. If we manage to raise enough money, we will be able to cover specific needs, and of course this will give us the possibility to have enough supplies to play with the kids more regularly and teach the youngsters. Please help us, everything counts, there is no minimum quantity required, and the kids and us will be forever thankful.

Thank you for your help and support!

Hangar 1

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