Raffle for Refugees

By Global Shapers Copenhagen

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A fundraising campaign initiated by Global Shapers Copenhagen in support of Trampoline House. Keep reading to find out what makes this cause important - now more than ever. Also, for every 50 kroner that you donate to help refugees and their families, you get 1 raffle ticket for the chance to win a special prize! Details below and winners announced in mid-August.

One-of-a-kind community

One thing the corona crisis has taught us is that community matters. But for refugee adults and children in Denmark, community can be hard to find - not to mention sustainable employment. This is where the award-winning organization Trampoline House makes an important difference.

Trampoline House is a place where people who have fled their homes to escape war or human rights abuses can once again experience a sense of belonging. Refugees can talk to a lawyer, receive counseling, learn the Danish language and get help finding a job. Besides gaining valuable skills, refugees come to Trampoline House to build their network and to put feminism and democracy into pratice. More info about Trampoline House's different activities here.

Fighting for survival

Unfortunately, Trampoline House has been hit hard financially by the COVID-19 crisis. In order to continue assisting refugees, they desperately need your support. Without donations like yours, Trampoline House might be forced to close down.

When crisis strikes, it is the people at the bottom of the social pyramid who are hit the hardest. This means that it’s especially people with a refugee or immigrant background who are at risk of losing their jobs when the labor market is under pressure. Hence, Trampoline House's training programs are threatened at the same time that they're needed more than ever. 

Help keep them alive

By supporting this campaign, you help Trampoline House continue their important work with refugee integration - both in terms of employment and empowerment. Any donation will make a huge difference.

You can even win a perk that symbolizes one of Trampoline House's job training programs! Here's how the raffle contest works...

  • Click on "Donate Now" and enter an amount.
  • For every 50 DKK that you donate, you get 1 raffle ticket for the perk you have selected.
  • Donate several times if you want to enter the raffle contest for more than one perk!
  • Prize winners will be announced and contacted by email in the middle of August.

You are also very welcome to donate less than 50 DKK if you decide not to participate in the raffle contest.

Experience the community!

Thanks for your support - and also for spreading the word about this fundraiser. Please share widely with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. And if you live in the Copenhagen area, Trampoline House invites you to come for a visit sometime! Experience their diverse community for yourselves, whether as a volunteer or a participant in one of their regular community dinners.

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