Helping Youth Through Triathlons

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A little bit of context

Triathlons positively impact children's lives and help them gain big, necessary life skills, boosts their confidence, develops leadership skills, and teaches them the value of teamwork. Investing in the lives of children means investing in the future that we all share. You play a vital role in expanding opportunities for children to lead healthy, active lifestyles (which will carry over into many other areas of their lives).

But there’s a problem

There's been a nearly 10% decline in athletic participation for kids in the last decade and the rate of decline has been steadily increasing year to year. It's an epidemic. This disparity is due in large part to the level of household income. Children from low-income households are less than half as likely to participate in youth sports, and that gap is only growing.

Youth sports have become an arena split into “haves” and “have-nots”. Money is the largest indicator of determining whether a child is going to play sports or be physically active. Whether children are physically active also plays into what kind of adult they will become. Studies have shown that children who are physically active are less likely to be obese, they are better in the classroom, and more likely to be successful in college.

For kids with the means to participate in youth sports, the opportunities and experiences are seemingly endless. However, for kids without the same resources, they are continually being left behind. The ones left behind grow unsatisfied and unstimulated with regular recreational teams or leagues. Based on these experiences, they get an idea that sports are not for them. This feeling is based largely in part to limited access or resources they have to enjoyably participate in youth sports.

What Athletic Performance Foundation is doing about it

We at Athletic Performance Foundation are creating an accessible gateway of opportunity to youth sports through triathlons by providing the following at low to no cost:

- Professional Coaching from USA Triathlon Certified Coaches

- Training and Race Events

- Equipment to participate

Having amazing people like YOU involved helps eliminate the barrier and provides each child with equal opportunity to participate in youth sports.

Athletic Performance Foundation provides a service to the youth community and makes an impact on their lives. Determined to leave no child behind, no matter their circumstances, the programs we have offer key life skills for each child. Kids will have a chance to be a part of a unique organization, learning to work together, fostering key leadership and social skills, and having fun while leading a healthier active lifestyle.

Our foundation will be a driving point of change impacting not only the youth who participate, but also the communities that all our participants come from. We seek to affect positive change for all to lead a healthier, active lifestyle and always aim to achieve big!

You can join us

To accomplish our mission we need your help to raise $7,500.

Your donation goes to support two key impacting programs:

1. Swim & Dash Youth Race Series - Inaugural youth championship racing event held in Long Beach, California, impacting 150 kids participating in this event. This event is 100% free for participants. Each participant will receive a finisher medal, goodie bag, and experience a well-organized race event.

2. Providing a Youth Triathlon Program for Star View Adolescent Center- This center serves some of the highest needing youths with severe emotional and mental challenges who cannot be effectively treated in other existing facilities. We plan to provide a unique, personalized triathlon program dedicated to helping positively change and impact their lives by exposing and integrating them into a youth sports program which they have never had the opportunity to participate in. For this program, we will need 7 youth road bikes.

The challenge is on! Help us meet our goal in 30 days. Be a part of the change and donate today!

And here are some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

  • A $25 donation will have you wearing an official Athletic Performance Foundation EVENT t-shirt.
  • A $50 donation will provide you with a really nice Athletic Performance Foundation coffee mug to enjoy your morning brew.
  • A $100 donation means that you'll be ready to hydrate on your afternoon hike with our 20 oz vacuum sealed sports bottle.
  • A $150 donation includes a beautiful duffle bag to carry your workout clothes in.

The best part of any donation will be your personal contribution to making someone else's life just a little better, and brighter!

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