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By Errol and Patsy Francis

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What is Storehouse?

Set up in 2010 by local residents Errol and Patsy Francis, Storehouse has been supporting anyone who is homeless, vulnerable and unemployed in Hackney with food, clothing and other essential items. They also work with local businesses to help people get back into the workplace.

They do fantastic work - but there is still need for more.

Recent figures have shown that Hackney is the third worst London borough for homelessness despite providing more affordable homes than any other borough.

There are 700 homeless families in the borough, a significantly worse rate than the national average.

According to Shelter, welfare cuts and a chronic lack of affordable housing has left many families in places like Hackney facing a desperate battle to keep a roof over their heads.

One of the ways that homelessness impacts on people’s lives is the lack of nutritional food due to poor, or in some cases non-existent, cooking facilities which causes them to rely on cheap, unhealthy takeaway food.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Everyone always talks about wanting to do more in the community - Errol and Patsy are two people who have taken action and done it!

Storehouse supports the homeless through our soup kitchen and foodbank service run by volunteers once a week - in total 50 people each week use our services. If we were not here many of these people would go hungry.

Not only are we providing people with nutritional meals and essential items such as bread and toiletries, we are also reducing food waste through a scheme initiated by the charity Fareshare who work in partnership with Tesco to distribute free food in the community.

We also help our long term unemployed service users back into work through our Path Plan Project scheme providing them with job placements with local businesses.

The funds we are raising is to extend our soup kitchen and food bank services from one day a week to ensure people access more opportunities to our services. This also means our regular users will not need to go a full week without a hot meal - as many do just now.

You can join us

We would like your help to raise £10,164 to achieve our expansion dream. This will go towards:

  • Hiring a hall for three days a week for a year - £9000
  • Public Liability Insurance for a year - £264
  • Supplies such as food containers for a year - £500
  • Training for five key volunteers such as Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, Health and safety £400 for a year

Help us help Hackney residents get back on their feet!

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Team Members

Errol and Patsy Francis

Errol and Patsy Francis